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Client focus: the key to understand your clients needs

21 January 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Customer satisfaction can be subjective depending on the type of person who purchases a product, but the only people who keep a business afloat are the clients.

What does this mean? If a company does not know who its target customer is, it will not achieve the necessary monthly sales, its products will lack quality, and they will not find the needs they must meet.


Client focus : what does it mean


Before starting with the article, we must remember that "The most important thing for a business are the customers and their employees" because there are no products without employees. Also,  there is no money to invest or recover investment without customers.

The target customer is the person who meets all the parameters and demographic information previously established, is an excellent customer prospect, and all marketing, advertising, and production efforts are directed to these customers. Additionally, it is this person that we must always study to know their needs, discover which ones we can satisfy, which ones are already being met, and generate client focus strategies.

In other words, the client focus is all the actions of a company directed on customer satisfaction, making them part of the production system, and that any improvement of the organization will be to satisfy customers perfectly.


The importance of knowing and understanding you clients need


Every business depends on its customers. However, there are still entrepreneurs who do not know the importance of understanding and knowing everything about client focus. Some of the points everyone should know are:

  • It is possible to measure customer satisfaction, draw conclusions, and verify any problems in the production or delivery lines.
  • It allows us to know the new needs that clients have, first than the competition, and make invocations based on their requirements and predict future needs.
  • All marketing efforts will be successful, and sales could be increased considerably.
  • Differentiating a brand based on quality will be much easier if you know your target customers.
  • As long as the customers are happy, the organization will be pleased too.


How to create a client focused strategy?


If you are still here, you are interested in changing how you serve your customers or want to start your own business with an excellent theoretical base. The methodology to create a client-focused strategy can vary depending on the company's objectives. 


Update the organizational culture

Values, methodologies, habits, beliefs, feelings, and attitudes are the main factors that create an organizational culture, and any change must come from the company's management. If a company has a culture dedicated only to money, it will be impossible to please customers, and they will not be able to create focused client strategies.

If you are searching to change its culture, it will be necessary to analyze the marketing strategies, invest in technology, integrate the culture into all processes, and allow its employees to express their ideas.


Compilation and analysis of customer information

Every company must collect information about the customers' needs, seeking to improve processes, detect failures, or create marketing strategies. On the other hand, all the data collected and analyzed should be in a visible place to demonstrate to the organization the performance that the company is having.

Additionally, all the information about the target audience is essential. It can be obtained at the sales points, from the customer segmentation made in the marketing process, and the company's expectations that the clients have.


Don't be afraid to benchmark

Benchmarking is one of the best data collection techniques because it allows the company to have a model to follow and improve its strategies to achieve the objectives. If you are in a new venture, this technique will allow you to know the tools and factors ​​that your best-positioned competition uses and compile information to apply to your company.

In other words, if a company has an excellent client-focused process and its public is satisfied with their services, you can use this experience to your advantage. However, be careful not to imitate this company in its entirety because it could affect your differentiation strategies.


Apply changes and take measurements

After having all the information and a client-focused strategy, it is time to apply it on a small scale, measure the results, make some predictions before implementing it fully. However, you always have to have performance indicators of the applied strategies to measure the results and decide to keep the strategy or remove it.

Are you ready to apply a client focused strategy in your store? Cerdá Group knows the efficacy of these kinds of strategies and we make sure you will increase your sales improving customer satisfaction.


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