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Girls and boys caps. For all ages and tastes!

24 January 2021 / per Cerdá Group

It's time to complete your stock with the caps made with the best materials and the best designs of the trendiest characters. At Cerdá, we are now preparing the summer collection and in our new catalog you can find a large variety of caps that your clients will love!


Why to offer caps in your store


Summer is coming and caps are once again an indispensable product on the shelves of your store. In addition to being the best accessories for children, adolescents and adults, they are an ideal protection for the little ones in order to avoid sunstroke on hot days, or with a lot of sun. 

Without a doubt, a perfect ally for summer excursions. As manufacturers of licensed caps, our main objective is to satisfy the security that parents require, that is why we create quality products that meet their objectives in an optimal way, but also that make children want to always carry them with them.


Designs, colors and materials


The caps are accessories, and they can be very striking or discreet accessories depending on the client's taste and age. In our new collection, we offer dark colors such as navy blue, yellow, sky blue, black, white pink, burgundy, gray, and red. 

Most of the caps are made with polyester and cotton. They have jacquard designs, prints, embroidery, and 3D designs for children and adults. In other words, we have a variety of materials, colors, and designs to meet any demand that a client brings to our table.


Record these caps in your inventory

Caps are an essential accessory during this season because they protect the main body area, the head.  Therefore, thinking about the best for the children and their care, we bring you these caps with the best materials and designs that you must incorporate to your stock 



There is no better way for an ACDC fan to express themselves than with their favorite products! ACDC returns to Cerdá stronger than ever with great designs and even cooler products.


CERDÁ_image_blog_post (29)-1


You cannot miss all the caps that come from the hand of one of the most successful groups of the last decade. With their typical red, black and gray colors we have managed to bring you different models and styles of caps that your customers will surely not be able to resist.


Avengers Caps

Superheroes are always a trend and in caps even more so!

Do not miss the opportunity to offer the most fans of Avengers the most original caps on the market. Captain America, the hulk or Iron Man are some of the characters portrayed in these great accessories.

For children or adults, we offer you different designs that fit all tastes and ages. Haven't you seen them yet?


Minnie and Mickey caps

Of course, a great classic can never be missing from your store. Minnie and Mickey Mouse will continue to be essential characters for any child or adult. For this reason, they always have a place in our collections and also, they are usually a success.


CERDÁ_image_blog_post (36)


This year we bring you news in premium Mickey caps with different colors and drawings on them.


Harry Potter caps 

Fans of the magical saga will be able to wear this summer the most magic caps of their favorite magicians. Harry Potter is present in every season to make all his fans fall in love. Different styles and designs can be found in the wide variety of caps in addition to the types: common caps, premium caps or baseball caps.

 The logos of each wizarding house appear on the print. The colors that predominate are yellow and red so representative of the Gryffindor house, one of the 4 houses that appear in the saga.

Haven’t you seen them yet? Do not miss the opportunity to fill your stock with the most trendy products of the season. Cerdá offers you a new caps catalog for next season! 


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Products and Novelties


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