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Disney classics, products for all ages that do not go out of style

14 October 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Often, the Disney movie you first watched was the one you watched and re-watched ad nauseam, Magical shows such as The Lion King, Mickey Minnie Fun and more. 

Sometimes it aired in an endless loop, sometimes it was watched on a worn-out DVD, and sometimes it was kept on a VHS cassette that was kept in one of those chubby clamshell boxes, but you always ran straight to it on any rainy weekend or sick day home from school.

Cerdá knows you and your little ones love to have these magical characters, so we bring these Disney classical products for all age groups that do not go out of trend. Let's explore Cerda's Disney products, characters and movies that you should have in your wardrobe.


Disney Classic Characters and products

Mickey Mouse has amassed more generations than any other animated character. No other character has a similar place in the hearts and minds of fans around the world, both because of his universal appeal and his ability to emotionally connect with generations. To date, Mickey Mouse has appeared in over 120 animated short films and can now be seen in the short films Mickey's House, Mickey Mouse and Super Pilots on the Disney Channels.

Get ready to hit the Disney parks because there is a brand new Mickey Mouse Club collection that we know you will love. Inspired by the classic show the new line includes T-shirts, jackets, bags accessories featuring the iconic logo and everyone's favorite item.

Other classic characters such as Frozen, The Lion King, Star Wars, Spiderman are also evergreen characters that are equally popular in all age groups and never goes out of trend. You should bring them without thinking anymore because these character products are super attractive and loved by everyone.


Disney Classic Clothing

Our Mickey and Minnie Mouse fans don't have to wait any longer to fall in love with their favorite character by wearing Shirts with their logo and classic colors. Shirts that fit your customers and the quality that suits them, we have something that your customers will never want to miss. 

Frozen characters are undoubtedly the new female icon of Disney. The film is the factory's largest blockbuster and continues to cause a sensation for the smallest. Among the Disney and Anna-focused wholesale children's clothing are beautiful dresses, T-shirts, two-piece sets and pajamas.


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So, find yourself the best deal available and gift yourself some profits that await with this lovely clothing range. The guaranteed quality and the licensed products, what else would you need?



Disney's classic character backpacks are absolutely loved. You should have it in your collection for sure. At Cerdá we offer you a wide variety of Disney backpacks for all ages. With designs of Aladdin or Dumbo for the little ones in the house but also of Snow White and Donald Duck for the not so little ones.



Of course, your final look for Disneyland trip is incomplete without accessories. No worries, Cerda has all accessories such as Disney character umbrellas, brooches and pins, and stationery products that will be a complete success in your store. 

So, don't miss your chance to fill up your store by getting their favorite sneakers, clothing, backpacks, slippers and many accessories right now! Cerdá Group offers a full range of winter and summer accessories, footwear, and clothing to fill your stock and satisfy your customer's needs. Cerdá and Disney can help you make your business grow!


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Disney products Products and Novelties


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14 October 2020 / per Cerdá Group


14 October 2020 / per Cerdá Group

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