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Looking for a Disney distributor? Cerdá is here!

5 September 2021 / per Cerdá Group

They’ll be flying off the shelves! Cerdá as a Disney wholesale distributor, guarantees the original license on all the Disney products it provides in every category. This is why Cerdá is your Disney distributor!

Disney leading products

Why should you consider Disney merchandising among the leading products for your children’s or geek store?

There are many reasons that contribute to defining the importance of Disney products in the world of merchandising. The first is given by history: Disney has been one of the first production companies in Hollywood that were able to come up with iconic characters, highly recognizable. As a consequence, characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie are more than 100 years old, and - still today - everybody knows them - both adults and children know who they are!

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Such huge popularity makes Disney products always trending, never-ending up through the unsold in your warehouse. The products from the past seasons can be proposed again during the next seasons without anyone turning up their nose and wondering “Darth Vader who?”

Furthermore, Disney products need no advertising. Your store and your products can exploit the huge amount of advertising, marketing, and popularity of Disney characters and films, not to mention the fact that characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie or the Star Wars world no longer need any type of advertising because the all world already knows who they are and love them.

Why is Cerdá your Disney distributor?

Cerdá’s collaboration with Disney has been one of the first partnerships Cerdá dealt with the big production companies and -still today - it remains one of the most important. Thanks to the Disney collaboration, which has been more than 30 years long, Cerdá is a Disney wholesale distributor and can provide you and your customers with original Disney products (all provided with an original license).


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The original license allows Cerdá to realize designs that are true to the original characters they are inspired to using the original drawings from Disney. Furthermore, an original license is also a synonym of top-quality.

You should always consider the quality of your products your top priority. Whether you’re running a retail store or an e-commerce, the competition is so high and challenging that only your experience and the quality of your products and the service you provide can make you stand out from the crowd of competitors, make you recognizable, and retain your clients. 


Cerdá Disney distributor: the collection

What does Cerdá have to offer as a Disney distributor?

The Disney collection provided by Cerdá is wide and spread through many categories of products. For this reason, Cerdá is the Disney distributor for clothing stores, shoe stores, gift shops, stationers, comic stores, geek stores, and many others.


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Disney clothing by Cerdá

Among the entire clothing collection by Cerdá, the clothes dedicated to the Disney characters are a large part of it. They are clothes for any season, any occasion, also including intimate apparel and nightwear.

Every piece of cloth is suitable for different types of purchases: those customers make because they need them - because all children need a wardrobe that changes as they grow; and also those customers in search of the perfect gift.

The sets that are available in the collection and the t-shirts (also available for adults) and nightwear are all fun and always appreciated gift ideas.

Disney shoe Cerdá

The Disney shoe collection by Cerdá is wide and varies in terms of both available models and characters. You can find summer shoes, sports shoes or boots for the winter, and more.


In this collection is available a wide offer of flip flops, slippers, and house-shoes. Among them, there are many models available in adults’ sizes to meet the needs of young adults who are a fan of the Kidult fashion and want to express their most childish side with some colored and fun items at their feet.

The Kidult fashion is growing, and it’s something you should take into account when you think of your customers and your offer.

Cerdá’s accessories and stationary

In this section of the catalog, there are beauty accessories, sunglasses, umbrellas, school items and supplies, and even bags and backpacks.

Both the bags and the backpacks are available in different models and suitable for the different age ranges: from the small backpacks for children going to kindergarten, to the larger ones for school and also the shoulders bags for adults with simpler design but still inspired to the most loved characters from the Disney or Marvel worlds.


As to the accessories, we’d like to highlight their versatility: they can be exposed in every corner of your retail store, no matter the kind of shop you’re running. They can help you increase your sale with a minimum effort and investment.


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Disney characters in Cerdá

Disney characters are countless. Cerdá dedicates its collections to some classics - that are always present - and then evaluates the trends for each season. The Disney characters that you can find in this year collections are:

  • The very classics like Mickey and Minnie Mouse;
  • Marvel superheroes: since Disney bought the Marvel rights, all the most famous superheroes - like the ones that are part of the Avengers team and any others - are become part of the Disney world and the Cerdá’s collections.
  • Star Wars: Disney acquired the Star Wars rights some years ago when they started the production of the new films that have given new popularity to the world of the Galaxy far far away. One of the last products from Star Wars, the Mandalorian, is available on Disney + and the products dedicated to it are already part of the Cerdá’s collection in many categories.
  • Frozen, the Disney princesses, and many other Disney characters, ask for them!

When you pick Cerdá as your Disney wholesale distributor you’re always up to date with the fashionable items and characters, all provided with Disney original license.

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Disney products Large distribution Products and Novelties


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