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Beauty accessories to increase your sales

7 September 2021 / per Cerdá Group

This is how they can increase exponentially your business’ sales. With Cerdá’s beauty accessories you can exploit the full potential of such a precious resource.

Accessories for you store: a precious resource

Why, in our articles, do we insist so much on the importance of the world of accessories to increase the sales of your business? Maybe you never reflect upon it, but accessories are the most versatile items you can provide your store with, they are affordable so they require a small initial investment, and they are the kind of items that customers buy without thinking too much, even after they’ve already bought what they’d come into your store for.

When a customer comes into your clothing store, for example, he may find an accessories exhibitor on the counter while he pays for the products he or she has already picked from the shelves. It can be because they particularly like an accessory, or a character, to complete their shopping or the gift they’re putting together… it could be for themselves or for someone they love, for an adult or a child…

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The versatility of this category of product is in the fact that the exhibitor we mentioned above can be placed in every type of store and in every corner of your store. You can sell them in your retail store or e-commerce, you can sell them in a clothing store, geek store, gifts shop, comic store, and selling business in so many other sectors.

With Cerdá, we can exploit the potential of accessories with the warranty of the quality given by the original licenses.

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Cerdá beauty accessories

Beauty accessories are a particular category of the wide collection of Cerdá’s accessories. Cerdá decided to invest time and resources in this particular sector because it has demonstrated a huge potential during the last years. As you know, Cerdá isn’t only your accessories and products’ supplier, but the company is also always focused on reading the market to provide you only with what is trending at the moment.

This is why, today, in this article, we’d like to focus on Cerdá’s beauty accessories. We’re going to give a deep look at the beauty accessory collection by Cerdá so that you can understand what it has to offer for you and your customers.

As we’ll see, the collection includes beauty accessories for self-care and beauty, dedicated to the most popular characters, aimed at both children and adults. Let’s take a look at the Beauty Accessories Collection by Cerdá!

Cerdá’s Beauty Accessories Collection

The first distinction that Cerdá did in the catalog is between two different age ranges. Adults and children’s beauty accessories are similar but different in many ways: they have different dimensions, for example, but most importantly they have different characters represented on them. Adults and children’s tastes and passions are different, and Cerdá can always take into account such important details. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so easy to sell Cerdá’s products: any segment of the audience has their own dedicated items.

Children beauty accessories Cerdá

Cerdá’s children's beauty accessories collection includes the following.

Hair accessories Cerdá

Anyone who has long hair needs hair accessories. But they are never just a tool; they can be fashionable, fun, and show off your identity and your passions. They can add a touch of color even to the most simple hair, keep rebellion tidy, and they can also be a great opportunity - when it comes to children, to learn some good habits and how to be a little more independent.

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Do not forget that hair accessories for children are a great gift idea! Try to exploit their potential even if you have a store that doesn’t deal with beauty, like a comic store: when hair accessories are dedicated to children’s favorite characters, they can find their place in the most diverse selling businesses.


In the Children beauty accessories collection by Cerdá you’ll find:

  •         Scrunchies: Cerdá’s scrunchies are different from the common ones you can buy at the supermarket. They are covered with fabric so that they are softer and more fashionable, but - above all - so that they can be decorated with the most popular children's character of the moment.
  •         Hairband: just like it happens with scrunchies, Cerdá’s hair bands are different from any other. They are thickest and more sturdy, but still soft so that they can be comfortable but durable. They are also covered with fabric, and they can look like old-style tissue tied around the head. The fabric is designed with the most loved children characters.
  •         Bandana: bandanas resemble those fabrics tissue that ladies used to tie around their heads in the old days. However, they are way more comfortable, handy, modern, and fashionable. Children with long hair can use them in many ways and they are all designed with their favorite characters from Disney.

Hairbrushes by Cerdá

Hairbrushes can’t miss in your offer of beauty accessories for your customers. They are a precious opportunity to teach some healthy and good habits to children, teach them how to be independent in the morning or when they sleep at a friend’s house, they can be the perfect gift idea, and - do not forget - everybody needs one!


Cerdá’s hair brushes are the funniest and most colored ones in the market. The Cerdá’s beauty collection includes both rectangular and detangled brushes for anyone’s needs or taste. Other than the peculiar design inspired by the most popular children's characters, Cerdá’s brushes - just like every other accessory or item - come with the original license from the production company that owns the rights for the character. This is an important warranty not only for the originality of the designs but also for the tools' quality and durability.

Beauty Set by Cerdá

As we’ve already mentioned, beauty accessories are a great opportunity for your store because everybody needs them every day and because they are great and yet affordable gift ideas. The beauty sets by Cerdá are the perfect union of these selling opportunities that beauty accessories can provide for your store.

Cerdá’s beauty sets include all the diverse accessories that children need to take care of themselves in the morning or in the toilet. They are all put together in a fun set, coordinated, and dedicated to the same character or the same world!

Beauty Accessories for adults by Cerdá

The accessories available for adults are similar to those for children. After all, the beauty needs of both children and adults with long hair are the same! However, the designs and dimensions of the tools change because needs and tastes can change when you grow up. That’s why in the adults’ collection of beauty accessories by Cerdá you’ll find:


  •         Cerdá hair accessories: scrunchies, bandanas, and hair bands. Just like children’s ones, they are all covered with fabric to make them more resistant and comfortable, and so that they can be decorated with adults’ favorite characters (and these characters are different from the ones portrayed on children’s hair accessories).
  •         Hairbrushes: next to the rectangular and detangled shapes of the brushes, in the catalog for adults there are also foldable brushes provided with a small mirror that is ideal for traveling or the gym.
  •         Beauty Set: again, gift ideas are a precious opportunity for your sales even when it comes to adults. That’s why the adults’ collection too include fun and useful beauty set with all the accessories to take care of anyone’s beauty.

The characters

We’ve already mentioned more than once that the characters and designs proposed in children’s accessories are different from the ones portrayed in adults’ ones. This is because Cerdá has personalized the accessories according to the different age ranges, not only in terms of shapes and dimensions but also in terms of designs.

Characters for Cerdá’s beauty accessories for children

Beauty accessories for children are mainly dedicated to the Disney world. Cerdá’s collaboration with Disney has been going on for more than 30 years.


The main characters in the beauty collection are Minnie, the world of Frozen (which has also become a classic, just like the character of Minnie Mouse), and the other Disney princesses and characters.

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Characters for Cerdá’s beauty accessories for adults

The designs for adults are more sober and elegant but they are still a lot of fun! They are the perfect example of Kidult fashion that is becoming more and more popular these days.

The beauty accessories for adults are still dedicated to Mickey and Minnie Mouse - because they are evergreen and everybody knows them! - to the world of Harry Potter - because the adults of today have grown with it - and to the world of friends and Wonder Woman, a character that’s becoming a symbol of emancipation between girls today.

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With Cerdá’s beauty accessories your sales can increase because you’ll be offering your customers the opportunity of making a friend happy and smiling with a gift idea that’s simple and affordable!

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