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For Rainy Days! Discover our umbrella collection

8 June 2021 / per Cerdá Group

There is so much you can do as an adult on a rainy day. You don't always have to cozy up on the sofa and read your favorite book. Sometimes, it is refreshing to go out in the rain, protected by a Disney umbrella, or with the character of your choice.

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Summer is right around the corner. If you haven’t prepared for it by purchasing an umbrella, you must do that now, before the thunderstorm is on the horizon.   


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Umbrellas for kids

The first thing you should do is check up on your kids' rain-related equipment. Young children can get sick if they’re exposed to a lot of rain. Therefore, it is important to buy protective garments such as boots, raincoats, and possibly an umbrella.

Even if you don’t have a raincoat or a pair of boots, you must always have an umbrella for your kids. The umbrella protects children from getting wet and allows them to enjoy the weather. But before you make any purchase, keep in mind that kids are very choosy

Children love cartoon characters and want every accessory with their favorite character on it. We understand that philosophy, and thus, we keep the latest and trendiest umbrella collection for children for your store. You can choose from the Avengers, Frozen, Harry Potter, Paw Patrol, Star Wars, and more.

We also have a comprehensive Disney umbrella collection for kids. At Cerda, you will find umbrellas for boys and girls.

Disney umbrella, marvel umbrella, and harry potter umbrella

Disney Umbrellas for adults

Adults like to have fun too! Not all of us get annoyed and grumpy on a rainy day. Some of us love to revel in nature and bask in its glory. But to do that, an umbrella is necessary. The kids do need protection, but that goes for adults too. The right-sized umbrella can protect your clothes from getting wet. However, on top of all that, an umbrella is an accessory, which you can pair with your clothes

At Cerda, we believe in diversity, and that is why we have interesting umbrellas in our offerings. You can choose a Batman-themed umbrella, a Disney-themed umbrella, or a Star Wars umbrella among other designs. We all liked Disney as kids, so it is a refreshing feeling when you can get an umbrella with your favorite character on it.

 umbrellas for kids

Umbrellas and complements to make upselling in your store

Umbrellas are often neglected and ignored by shoppers. That is because people hardly prepare for thunderstorms. It is only when you hear the rumble of clouds that you run to buy an umbrella. For shop owners, this presents an opportunity, as they can try to cross-sell and increase profits for their business.

The method only works if you offer similar products or complementary goods with the umbrella. So, the next time someone comes to your store to buy an umbrella, you can offer them boots, or a raincoat. You can even sell a water-proof bag or a bag of coffee. As long as there is a relationship between the two products, you will be able to upsell to your customer.   


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How to organize an umbrella collection in your store to impact your customers

Customers from different genders and age groups will enter your store to buy your products. Therefore, the best way to increase sales is by placing the items in strategic locations. In the case of umbrellas, you are more likely to sell them better at the checkout counter. People buy umbrellas in emergencies, so it is better to stack them near the till. Once the customer enters the store, they will spot the umbrella and make the purchase immediately.

For kids, the most convenient location is the children’s department. Place the umbrellas near the toy section, or the stationary aisle. As long as young people are visiting that place, you are going to witness an increase in sales  

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Products and Novelties Winter Buy wholesale


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