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Are you looking for a distributor of original gifts or geek products? Trust in cerdá!

16 September 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Therefore, it is not a pejorative term, but rather the unification of various groups of products that will make your customers 100% satisfied.

At Cerdá we are distributors of original gifts, so join our list of clients and offer yours everything they are looking for! In our range of Lifestyle products, you will find a wide range of varieties that you can choose from to fill your shelves and succeed like never before.

H2: Geek products

Geek products are directly related to the new concept called “Kidults” and it is that adults are finally discovering that letting their inner child flow and continue wearing everything they like and are passionate about is something good, fun and enriching for your mental health. Since the day to day, with more joy, becomes the best way to face a life full of responsibilities.

The routine is not incompatible with happiness and, for a good geek, sharing the hours wearing all those products of their favorite characters is essential.

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A wide range of geek gifts...

At Cerdá we are distributors of original gifts, or geeks, and we are pleased to be able to offer all our clients the greatest number of possibilities for you to choose from. Your businesses must be well-stocked, with products of the highest quality and most fashionable, as well as practical and comfortable to use daily.

Next, we make a small summary of the products most requested by customers in general, as well as the most demanded characters currently. Go ahead, find out what you need to sell in your business!

Backpacks and bags

Backpacks and bags are a geek product that cannot be missing in any home. They are comfortable, practical and, also, allow you to select the size, shape, fabric and the main character that will appear in them.

You can offer backpacks from the mythical Friends series, Mickey or Minnie Mouse, the acclaimed series The Mandalorian or Harry Potter. Without forgetting, of course, that the little ones at home can also be happy potential geeks and wish that their parents buy or give them a fantastic LOL bag or backpack, for example.

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Another of the geek products most awaited by customers are stationery sets. And it is that being able to work, go to institute or school with them, is an injection of joy. For this reason, at Cerdá, as distributors of original gifts, we offer you a wide variety of stationery products that buyers will love. Like, for example, the fun Harry Potter pens, Minnie's all-carrying cases, or The Mandalorian notebooks and notebooks, among others.


       Clothes and complements

The most fashionable geek gifts today are also all those that have to do with clothing and accessories. For this reason, on our website you can choose from a wide variety of products with the image of the characters most loved by your customers. Like, for example, sweatshirts, pajamas, socks, caps, slippers, combs, key chains...

Everything you need for your business to attract the attention of customers and your profits to increase considerably. Now you know! Join the geek products and trust Cerdá for our quality and originality.


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Products and Novelties


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