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How to improve the customer experience in an online store

14 September 2020 / per Cerdá Group

 If you have an ecommerce business, and you want online shoppers to buy from you, you must both to quickly attract their attention and make the shopping experience agreeable and easy. 

Customer's experience in an online store is one of the main factors that influence their decision to leave your site or not. An ecommerce with difficult navigation, usability errors, lack of information or little credibility will, in all probability, be doomed to failure.

If you want to improve your business results, it is recommended that you take care of the customer experience of your online store. In this article we explain how to facilitate the purchase process through design, forms, calls to action and loading speed, among other things. 

Cerdá Group is always searching for new ways to improve our customers experience and we want you to do the same. Follow these simple tips to improve your customer experience and increase your conversion rates. 


Make sure your website is optimized  


Loading times 

Today’s online customers want the information they need when they need it, at the click of a mouse, or at a swipe of a smartphone. To make this possible, it is essential that you have a platform that loads quickly and that everything is displayed correctly and easy to read and navigate. This is important since, a user who notices more delay than expected, will leave your website to buy from another.


Improve your product pages 

The most important thing in your product pages: a quality photo of the exact and finished product. If you need assembly, you have to show the assembled product; if it is a garment, to a model with it on. In many products it is convenient to have photographs from different angles. You have to convey the feeling that you show off what you sell.

Prices must always be clearly visible from the first moment, with VAT and without shipping costs.

Likewise, the characteristics and specifications below or next to the photograph, such as materials, measurements / sizes, etc. The product file must have the footprint of the store. If someone knows your store, as soon as they enter they will identify it as part of it without having to see the logo.


Use a simple and intuitive purchase process

The purchase and payment process must be very simple and fast. Think that if someone has come to the moment to give their personal data it is because they have a real interest in spending money on your ecommerce.

 Ask him for the necessary information to make the order. Make sure that everything is fast and you do not have to bother filling in countless fields.


Shopping cart always in view

Like the Add to cart button, it should always be well visible so that the customer can complete the purchase or enter it without wasting time.  Keeping it simple is one of the most effective methods to combat shopping cart abandonment, so get down to business and take that into account when creating or redesigning your online store.

Customers expect the cart to be on the right side of the screen, either accompanying the scroll or at the top, do so.


Why Customer Experience Matters

Customer experience is how customers perceive their interactions with your company. Currently, consumers are over-informed and know exactly what they want and where they can find it, and they also know the infinity of options available to them. Therefore, to choose the place where they will finally make the purchase, they will not only look at the product, they will look at how we make them feel in that store, how our service is and how important it is for the brand.

Ultimately, for a company, worrying that our customers have a good experience in our online store will be decisive for them to buy from us or buy from our competition.

At Cerdá we know the importance of this aspect when buying online and for this reason we hope that these tips will help you improve the experience of your customers and increase your profits.

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Tips and Advice Online sales


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