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Discover the most elegant Disney bags and backpacks

21 September 2020 / per Cerdá Group


At Cerdá, as a disney wholesale distributor, we know the great importance of these garments for your customers and we want you to have the best accessories in your store.

Imagine how massive your sales will become when your customers fall in love with the latest trends in bags and backpacks. Imagine kids in their back to school falling in love with 3D backpacks. Parents will rejoice to see the delight of their children feeling their favorite character so close. 


Disney wholesaler since 1987

Cerdá has been the manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of Disney products, among others for more than 30 year. Each year Cerdá produces more than 2,000 references of all the kids’ and adults’ favorite characters. Discover our products of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and many more!


Teenagers and kids Disney Backpacks


3D Bakcpacks

Have you ever seen backpacks with legs and arms? These bags of 300X230X130MM are for the smallest of the house. They will become the children’s best friends rather than a safe container for their little treasures. They resemble stuffed animals due to the soft texture of their resistant material: 67% polyester and 33% EVA.

It is the perfect backpack for that period when kids start attending the kindergarten. It will make them feel more comfortable and confident because they can hug them to gain security. Among those we have are Mickey, Minnie or  Spiderman and, everyone's best friends. 


School backpacks

When children assist in elementary, middle, or high school, they need new backpacks with a current trend design. Cerdá Group has made the best youth designs, which can be used by children and teenagers. With their favorite characters!

They can choose among their favorite heroes such as Avengers, Star Wars or Minnie  With unique and original designs that will make them feel just like them. Without forgetting the most classic, we also offer you designs from The Lion King , Spiderman, etc. 


Handbags for kids

Girls love going out, have a little fun, and look cool.  In this section, the designs refer to movies rather than a character, although there are exceptions. 


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Cerdà bags with different shapes and designs drive any girl crazy. Bags in the shape of a poisoned apple, the 9 ¾ station, the 4 houses of Howards, the rock painting of Simba, the hand of Mickey, and the loop of Minnie. They will not resist our velvet and glitter handbags of their favorite characters.

Our Disney bags and Disney backpacks for teenagers and kids are compact, yet spacious enough to store your daily essentials. They have gained high marks for its quality, style, affordability, and functionality. Being comfortable enough to be worn all day.


Adults Disney backpacks

At Cerdá, as a wholesale backpacks distributor, we want to bring you the best in Disney backpacks and bags for adults. From the most classic style to the most modern, through elegant, transparent or licensed characters. Among a large selection, the client will be able to decide which one is perfect for him, adapting it to his style and personality and wearing them with taste and satisfaction.

Being an adult no longer means giving up wearing, in any accessory, the image or reference to our favorite characters of now and forever. Now, adults also want to take their favorite characters everywhere. And that is why we offer you a wide range of Disney backpacks and bags.

Disney Backpacks for adults 

As always, as a wholesale backpacks distributor, Disney characters are once again preferred by all audiences and, obviously, for adults there is also a wide assortment to offer.

The Disney classics are the ones that lead the number of sales in the stores, highlighting Donald Duck, The Lion King, above all, the wonderful Mickey or Minnie Mouse, which are always a success.

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Disney elegant handbags 

And you cannot miss the bags in your store. They are the perfect complement to go out and travel and your clients will look for them without a doubt. For this we offer you a wide line of bags for adults that will be a success such as Disney classics of Lion King handbags. Mulan is another of the best options of this year with the latest premiere. It was a complete success. 

Do not hesitate to add these products to your stock and increase your sales! At Cerdá, as a disney wholesale distributor, we offer you the best products so that you can grow your business.


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Disney products Products and Novelties back to school


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