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Distributor and web connectors: dropshipping and just in time models

21 December 2020 / per Cerdá Group

But, in order to have a good system and operation, it is necessary to coordinate everything related to prices, stocks, catalogs, inventories, warehouses, customers ... and therefore, we must select the connector model between distributor and website that best suits our specific needs and allow us to achieve the return we expect.

At Cerdá we use a system called Just In Time, which we will explain later in this post. It is an immediate service with an integrated stock/catalog that, without a doubt, allows us to reach all our customers quickly, safely and efficiently.

Now we are going to talk about what dropshipping consists of and what models of connectors you can use apart from it.

Go ahead, join the current market and don't let your company be left behind!


What dropshipping model is?


Dropshipping in Spain has become one of the most used methods. And it is a system of shipping and delivery of retail products that has become a great ally for all those companies that want to have an online presence and sell their products, but do not want or can make a significant initial financial investment.

In other words, the company offers the products in its catalog for sale in its e-commerce, without having to make any initial investment and with a final retail destination. Therefore, he is the one who takes care of selling but without having the products in stock. Since, when customers purchase the products, the wholesale supplier is the one who is in charge of preparing and sending them to the end customer, since it is he who stores them in his infrastructures.

Summarizing and so that it is understood perfectly; your company creates e-commerce. In it, it offers all the products that are part of its catalog so that different users who want to purchase the products. When making the purchase, the connectors between the website and the distributor that you have selected will send a purchase order to your suppliers, who will be in charge of selecting, handling, preparing and sending the orders to the buyer.


What are the advantages of dropshipping?


Dropshipping has multiple advantages that have made it the preferred option for many Spanish companies. And it is that, through it, our company becomes an intermediary between the supplier or wholesaler and the end customers.

First of all, it must be taken into account that, by using this system, it is not necessary to have a warehouse in which to store the products and this, of course, means considerable savings for our finances. Both for the acquisition of the infrastructure, the consumption that would be derived from it, the logistics, the employees...

In addition, since we do not have to have the products we offer in stock, we only buy those that we are really going to be able to sell and in no case are we left with obsolete, outdated or out of date products.


Connector models between distributor and web


Online stores must be clear, intuitive and precise so that users can navigate throughthem, find what they are looking for and be able to purchase it easily. But, also, to promote sales, the files of all the products that we put on sale must be as complete as possible.

These must contain detailed descriptions, quality images that accurately show the product, a technical sheet with all its characteristics, the different colors and sizes available ... In this way, when consumers come to our e-commerce, they will know exactly what they have before them, what they are buying and they will be more inclined to do so. With which, finally, we are managing to increase our sales and create a positive experience for our customers.

Thanks to technological progress, connectors have been created that are capable of carrying out the synchronization between data and our billing, as well as uploading images, extracting information from databases ... All this to help companies manage all aspects related to your e-commerce and facilitate work, dedication and optimization of resources.

These connectors would be, for example, the ETL program (capable of extracting data, transforming it and uploading it to the chosen system) or the ELT, which is responsible for extracting, loading and transforming data.

Here are some of them, which allow us to offer licensed products wholesale, although the list of possibilities is much broader and, almost every day, new channels are emerging that promise to improve the optimization of our work.

These are:

  1. Lengow: this platform has a presence at a European level, and allows the integration of the different sales channels that the company has chosen. It consists of the automation of e-commerce, thus enhancing sales and business processes and promoting international expansion. It also offers its clients the possibility of being able to carry out more than 1,800 integrations and not only in marketplaces, but also in platforms such as Google Shopping, Amazon, Privalia, Zalando, Instagram, Facebook Dynamic Ads …


  1. Channable: it is a younger platform than all those that we are going to explain. But despite this, its journey has been very fruitful and it already has a solid base of employees and customers. Its platform allows users to use a tool that allows integrating the online store with different Marketplaces, facilitating the automatic delivery of products. 

The price of its services varies depending on the number of products, projects and channels that will be served, allowing the user to select the option that best suits their needs. In addition, they also make an API available to consumers that facilitate the connection between all the platforms that are being served. Some of the integrations they allow are with platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook…


  1. BeeZup: This company was created with the intention of maximizing e-commerce sales. It offers a wide and high number of integrations and, also, gives its customers access to more than 1,700 platforms of all kinds, such as Amazon, Carrefour Api, Ciao !, Bing Ads, Barganero…


  1. Shopping Feed: finally, we are going to talk about Shopping Feed, which provides its customers with a single platform from which they can manage and control all the products on offer and the orders made by end consumers, simultaneously synchronizing them with different marketplaces and other shopping engine systems. Its integrations allow access to both marketplaces and different social media platforms. Like, for example, eBay, Amazon, Jet, Auchan, Fnac, GiFi, Mano, Rakuten ...


Cerdá and his just in time connector


In our desire to meet the needs of our customers, at Cerdá we have developed a connector that allows us to centralize the automatic orders that come in and send them to the customer so that he is the one who distributes to the end customer. It consists of an immediate service with an integrated stock/catalog that the client values ​​a lot, since they do not have to worry about uploading the products to their website. We, through our system, send you product information (description, measurements, category, etc.) along with high-quality images, so that all this appears on your website along with the actual stock.

It is an exclusive service for those customers who always want to have trend-setting products. We permanently offer real information on our stock, so that the client can place orders adapting them to their daily needs and saving costs by not having the merchandise immobilized. In addition, when ordering in real-time, the Cerdá licensed product will be uploaded to your e-commerce.

The Just in Time system will allow you to optimize the stock, rationalize storage and carry out intelligent global management.

So now you know! Make your company grow with your own e-commerce and select the appropriate system and connectors that allow you to achieve your goals and thus increase your profits. From Cerdá we help you achieve it!


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