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Spiderman, the children's best friend for next summer

16 December 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Spider-man is a character who is always brave, helpful and never gives up and loves teamwork, so if kids are shy or unmotivated, it will help them get out of their comfort zone and strengthen communication and friendship. Children love this character and dream of finding his abilities, which imitating him has become a hobby and the reason for their healthy growth. This is why Spiderman is every child's best friend and never goes out of trend.

At Cerdá, we love the characters that people love to see in their lives and you can be sure that of course, your customers are looking forward to these Spiderman summer accessories!


The most requested Spiderman products for this new year!


Spiderman caps

Whether it's the 70s or today's era, Spiderman has always been the choice of children all over the world. The spiderman cap always made them feel like Spiderman. We have added some exciting spiderman hats to our collections.

Spiderman products with 3D print and pop colors such as black, blue, red and grey you should not miss for summer inventory. Do not forget these cool caps with Spiderman embodied print on them that your customers will definitely love.


Spiderman Pajamas

Last year, the world was amazed by the new Spider-Man movie, which featured Miles Morales, the new heir to the Spider suit. Peter Parker is his mentor and together with him we now meet many new and interesting Spideys: Spider-Gwen, Spider-Noir, Peni Parker and Peter Parker as Spider-Ham.

 He also starred in the latest Avengers movie. In 2021, Spiderman fever will be more present than ever, we have a great two-piece spiderman pajamas collection for summer with our friend's superhero design in blue-grey and red.

Let's welcome the summer season with a spiderman pajama party!


spiderman products for summer


Spiderman Underwears

Heat season requires less clothes and more fun with characters. That's why Cerda brings Boxer Spiderman underwear collection with vibrant 3D prints. These are perfect for the beach or pool party with friends and family. We have added a pack of 5 simple spiderman underwear collections. So grab these funky swim essentials for spiderman lover customers.


Spiderman Shoes

The collection of spiderman summer shoes at Cerda offers endless possibilities for children to have fun while enjoying their summer days. You can find from classic outdoor pool flip flops to models with a back closure for added security and comfort. We have spiderman booties and clogs for children with large spiderman prints on it, get them these spiderman shoes collection to your store to boost your sales.

These are just a few of the ideas we offer you to restock your store for next summer. If you want to know more, Cerdá is the official distributor of children's license character products and has an extensive catalog of models and licensed characters. With all of the above new Spiderman products in mind, we recommend that you should visit the swimwear section to get ready for summer, we have the best designs to sell in your store. Always be prepared with Cerdá products!


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summer Products and Novelties


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