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Out pets are our family. Give them all they need with our new pets products

23 December 2020 / per Cerdá Group

They are always there for you when you need them most and help fill any voids that may arise in your family. Children have a special bonding with pets. Many families buy dogs as puppies while their children are still babies. Children will literally grow up with their dog, forming an emotional bond that will last a lifetime. They love to play and match their outfit or accessories with pets.

Cerda knows how cool it is to have matching character pet clothing and accessories in your store for your pet-owner customers. So, if you know about the bonding between owners and pets, why not include pet products for them in your business? Cerdá, as a distributor of pet accessories, makes it easy for you. Don't miss the opportunity to purchase new accessories that will delight both owners and pets!

From clothing to accessories, these adorable wearables for dogs and owners will let the world see just how codependent dog owners and dogs are.


Your pet needs a wardrobe as great as yours


Street style and chic outfits aren't just for people, because our four-legged friends want to look cool too. If you are looking to fill up a store shelf with a pet's wardrobe essentials, then Cerda is here to fill your furry buddy's wardrobe.


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Do you have character hoodies in your store? If the answer is yes, why not create two same-character hoodies or sweatshirts for your pet owner client and their furry companions? It seems like the perfect pastime.

Explore Cerda dog hoodies collection and add them to your stock to make your customers will appreciate it more than ever!


Accessories for pets: collars, Leashes and Harnesses 


Who said walking with your puppy can't be fun and stylish? Cerda character leashes and collar makes your customers pet fashionista, get colorful Marvel, and Disney character leashes with matching key chains so you and your doge can wander around town in style. These collars and character accessories are something you should not miss in your inventory. These are incredibly comfortable and beautiful.

With these accessories, your pup and owner can walk proudly and grab everyone's attention easily. The materials of these leashes are polyester and breathable so no worries about weather and outdoor walk.


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We also wanted to include cats in this collection of pet accessories, so collars of all sizes are available here. Everyone can enjoy their pet collar or harness, regardless of their size.


Not all dogs like to wear clothes or accessories


Some people like them more than others and some flatly refuse to wear them. Cerda cares about your customer dog's comfort and always gives priority when it comes to dressing up. 

Our clothing and accessories are extremely comfortable and wearable for indoor and outdoor fun with dogs. So, if pets are feeling sad or uncomfortable putting on the items you bought them, then perhaps consider letting them be beautiful in all their natural nudity.

Take advantage of this exciting trend in pet supplies to boost sales in your store. Cerdá, your distributor of pet accessories, knows how to boom your sales when you bring these products to your store. 

Download the catalog and expand your range with these accessories that will make your pet lover's dreams come true!




Products and Novelties for fan pets


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