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Cerdá, eco-social commitment

3 June 2019 / por Cerdá Group

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In Cerdá we have always wanted to be at the forefront. 32 years ago we saw the potential of the licensing sector when few companies had noticed its value. Today we continue to be a benchmark in the sector and lead the latest trends. Our products are always up to date, using the best materials with the most popular characters of each year. The vanguard is not only in our products, it’s our DNA. Two years ago we started a project of internal renovation in order to adapt our company to the new renewable energies.


Eco friendly business responsibility

In Cerdá we contribute for the environment and social responsibility. We believe that it is something bound to contribute making the world a more sustainable and just place. Therefore, among many other environmental actions, we remodeled our energy system to obtain geothermal and solar energy. Today, Cerdá is an example of a sustainable and eco friendly company, being that our carbon footprint is 0.

There is no more environmentally sustainable business model. The machinery, air conditioning, and our entire energy system are adapted to be the most efficient energy that current technology allows. We are years ahead of the current energy landscape.

Through the implementation of solar panels and energy systems based on geothermal energy, we hope to contribute to the reduction of climate change. In Cerdá we have a active nature respect. We want to leave the future generations a cleaner and more caring world.


eco friendly business responsibility


Corporate social responsibility

We believe that our environmental responsibility is not limited to geothermal energy and solar panels as a source of energy. At the Cerdá plant and office we recycle all cardboard packaging in which we receive the products, and we believe it’s very important to incorporate those values in our employees, who we consider part of our family.

We like to collaborate with NGOs that help disadvantaged children or at risk of social exclusion. It’s the responsibility of the companies to approach issues that impact society, and it’s a measure that is completely internalized in the company.

In addition, we allocate part of the production to these causes with the hope that our licensed products of characters make these children lives easier and fun.


Family values

Cerdá Group was founded as a family business. Almost 50 years later, our values have not changed. We believe that it’s important to preserve the values that the family brings and transfer them to what matters most to us, children. We like that our children participate in our projects to enjoy with them.

All the models of our photographs are part of the Cerdá family. They are not professionals, they are our children, friends and nephews! Their smiles are as authentic as those we want to trigger in the children who use our products. We want them to keep smiling, so we take great care that they are comfortable in each photo session. They have a great time in each photo session. They play with their friends and with all the Cerdá products that are advertised in each catalog, and after each session they are taken home to leave with a super-smile!


cerda family values

Not only the little ones have a great time in the photo sessions. The protagonists of our lines for adults are the employees of Cerdá! We manufacture products that satisfy real needs, for real people.

The tradition and the vision of the future is our mission since 1972. Discover more about our catalogs and Cerdá licenses. Be part of our family and join the vanguard!


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