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Email marketing strategies: 6 trends for 2021

6 May 2021 / per Cerdá Group

 Indeed, online businesses will have to rethink their email marketing game to keep up with this growth. The pandemic has made us realize one thing: plans are easy to change. Whatever you predict today, tomorrow may not be accurate. You need to constantly monitor the latest trends and forecasts to stay ahead of the competition. 

In early 2020, it was rumored that email marketing needed to take its last breath. Then a pandemic broke out, and the situation changed. Over the past year, companies have rapidly moved to digital channels, which has made email marketing popular again!

What's new in email marketing strategies?

However, people are getting more and more emails, and it can be difficult to stand out in crowded inboxes. That's why email management apps such as Mailchimp give you the tools you need to shine (plus we have a lot of tried and true tips for sending awesome emails) and designing effective email marketing campaigns. 

Check out our industry-specific email marketing tips and trends to learn more about why email marketing still works.


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6 trends on email marketing for this year

There are lots of ways to find people who'll look forward to getting your emails, but we've rounded up a few email marketing trends this year, 2021, that work best.

Create secure and privacy-friendly emails

Customers are more aware of their privacy than ever before and are more aware of how their data is used. You must go beyond GDPR compliance and PCI support to build their loyalty and trust. 

Make privacy at the center of all your email campaigns to ensure you meet their expectations. This means continually reviewing data privacy laws and maintaining transparency for customers. 

Make your email strategy powerful to inform customers of any upcoming data privacy changes and to highlight how you protect their information. It will also help showcase your company's ethical principles in a good light.

Integrating your email marketing strategy with social media

Using different platforms builds credibility as well as audience engagement. Simply put, if you use social media buttons in your email, some of your loyal fans will be able to share their super-cool new proposal via email on, for example, Instagram and Facebook. Some of their friends will love this recommendation, and they may also want to become one of your clients. 

If you don't make your emails public, then chances are your marketing will only be limited to your subscribers.

The rise of machine learning and chatbots

If you want an interactive way to get potential customers to subscribe to your mailing list, then a chatbot is the answer. They will definitely become one of the biggest email marketing trends in 2021, as they can be a big asset to sign up. 

For instance, when a person subscribes, an email chatbot might ask them what type of content they would like to receive and how often. This allows subscribers to select what they really need instead of sending them a lot of useless stuff.


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Video content

Have you already started using video in your marketing? If not, here's what might get you started. A whopping 90% of consumers say product videos helped them make a purchase decision

Using video in email marketing can strengthen your reputation and help you build brand awareness. Whether you're looking for inspiration, animated graphics, tutorials, unboxing, product reviews are always a good way to grab your customers' attention.

Email redesign

You must keep an eye on the new email design, and it is one of the most dynamic and fluid parts of email marketing today. It is extremely subjective and creative, which means that it is influenced by many external factors. Like every year, fashion weeks around the world give us a glimpse of what's going to be fashionable in the upcoming seasons: the trendiest fabrics, silhouettes, and colors. 

Likewise, web design trends change from season to season, dictating what a successful email should look like. You should follow the latest trends for your business growth.


It's not that referrals have disappeared, but they haven't used their full potential yet. The fundamental idea behind email marketing success is that people regard their email addresses as "personal," like phone numbers. On the other hand, word of mouth is one of the best conversion rates, and the combination of the two can produce great results. 

We will see more referral emails from eCommerce brands soon as they compete with brick-and-mortar stores alongside each other.

These 2021 email marketing predictions showed which areas you need to spend more time on so you can connect better with your audience and increase your sales. At Cerdá we’re always looking forward to helping you to increase your sales. Don’t hesitate and start your own email marketing strategy and make your business grow.

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