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For Fan Pets. Our new pets’ collection of accessories with their favorite characters

11 November 2020 / per Cerdá Group

This is corroborated by the data. According to a study carried out by the Madrid Association of Companion Animal Veterinarians (AMVAC), the number of pets tripled that of children in Spanish homes in 2019.  

Some data that, if you have a business, you cannot turn your back on, since they reveal the large number of fans that pets have. These FANPETS go out of their way to make their family of four legs, cats and dogs happy, they take care of them, give a home and consider them one more member of the family.

As we see many parents dressed as their children, it is increasingly common to dress dogs with our favorite characters. How not to do it? Captain America, The Child, Batman, Minnie ... classic and trendy characters, for all tastes, are what you will find in our new accessories for pets. "For Fan Pets" is a cheerful, fun brand, but at the same time elegant, without neglecting the geek essence but following fashion and born to give a change to the world of accessories for pets, our mission is to provide a different concept to business.

If the statistics indicate a trend, if the products cannot leave anyone indifferent, if we know the symbiosis between owners and pets, why not include products for them in your business? At Cerdá, as distributors of accessories for pets, we make it easy for you.

Don't miss out on the new accessories that will make both owners and pets happy!


Dog hoodies

They say that dogs resemble their owners, and no wonder! If we could ask them, we are sure they would also choose a license.

But we have not only wanted to make character sweatshirts, we also wanted these sweatshirts to meet three characteristics that we think are essential for them to succeed among the FANPETS: comfort, warmth and fashion.

We all like to enjoy clothes like this, right? Well, now pets will too! 

We all know that for pets to want to wear clothes, they must be comfortable. And that's why our sweatshirts have elastic cuffs for the front legs and an adjustable elastic for the rear legs, as well as three velcro at the bottom for greater support. They will not feel that they are wearing anything, since they are also very light, breathable and thermal.




Marvel, Minnie, Batman, The Child ... classic and trendy characters that will delight the most dedicated owners. We know that classics like Mickey and Minnie are a sure hit, they are the Disney characters par excellence and they have many fans from different generations. However, some prefer sagas like Marvel or Star Wars and that is why we wanted to make a wide catalog for all tastes. And also with a variety of sizes, what more could you ask for?


Collars, Leashe and Harnesses for Pets

The pet accessories par excellence are collars and harnesses, since they are very useful. It is something that, without exception, pets have to take to go out and, therefore, owners look for the most beautiful and comfortable.

City streets sometimes look like pet catwalks in their best clothes. We are convinced that with these accessories the owners will walk their own with pride, reflecting their tastes in their faithful life companion.


CERDÁ_image_blog_post (16)-1


In this collection of accessories for pets, we also wanted to include cats and, therefore, there are collars of all sizes. Everyone will be able to enjoy their collar or harness regardless of their size.

The material used is polyester nylon and the carabiners and hooks are made of metal, which makes these accessories very resistant. Resistance and comfort in this type of accessories cannot be negotiated, that is why we have made breathable and padded harnesses, without the possibility of causing friction or making them get too hot.

We have achieved a very complete collection that combines beauty, fun and comfort and that will make both owners and pets happy. But this does not end there, the family of accessories for pets will continue to grow. Soon we will have more textiles, drinkers, feeders and toys. You are going to love them!

Take advantage of this upward trend in pet products to generate more sales in your store. Cerdá, your distributor of accessories for pets, is at your disposal to inform you, advise you and answer all your questions. Download the catalog and fill your stock with these accessories that will make pet lovers' dreams come true!


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Products and Novelties for fan pets


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