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Novelties in cerdá: The most funny kids underwear collection is here!

5 January 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Imagine if children, in addition to this, could always wear their favorite characters in their underwear, they will feel stronger than ever!

Our new underwear collection does not only bring high quality kids underwear, we have made sure to make them as funny as possible by using a wide range of characters and designs. 

For boys or girls, these accessories are the best for your store and they will surely be a total success. Don't miss it, keep reading and discover all the options!


Kids underwear, for boys and girls!


To make kids happy, parents often resort to provide them with equipment and clothes that they love. For that, we brought you a variety of boys and girls underwear that will attract lovers from around the country.

These products are made of the finest materials and feature a variety of characters, which makes them funny, and at the same time cutest girls underwear in the market.


Marvel Underwear

Being a Marvel hero is perhaps one the most common children’s dreams. Who doesn’t like to be Captain America or Iron Man, even us adults pay to have a shred of that dream in our heart. These products will help kids experience the feeling of being one of their favorite heroes even if it is only for a short period. Our marvel underwear are surely to be sold in a flash. The quality is extraordinary, they are made of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane.

One of the most celebrated super heroes in the world always manages to attract the eyes of parents who want to make their children live a part of the dream they might have lived. These superheros have been around for a long time and through the process managed to be loved by many. It goes without saying that these products will be sold very quickly.


Harry Potter underwear

Harry Potter is one of the most famous and loved characters in the world. Fans either of the movies, the books or video games, kids who like this universe and their characters are surely to be happy if they receive their products.

We offer to you different designs of harry potter underwear with the famous houses logo such as Gryffindor. With the famous harry potter’s colors. 


kids underwear



Frozen movies have been a hit throughout the world. This success have put high demand for its products. We provide our customers with the newest girls underwear that will give the kids a feeling of being one with the universe of Frozen II.


Disney classics

One of the oldest cartoon characters is still managing to be one of the most loved amongst both girls and boys: Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Due to high demands on Minnie girls underwear and all products related to the Mickey Mouse Universe 

The most loved characters of the world are in Cerdá with the most original designs on kids underwear. With the mythical colors of the most famous characters, in red, black and blue you will find the funniest clothes and above all the ones that your customers like the most!

But we cannot forget more disney classics that are present in our underwear collection such as Frozen, underwear as amazing as the protagonists of this successful film.


New characters in our new kids underwear collection

Sonic is here to stay! The video game character best known to children is in Cerdá and soon in your store.

The fastest character on earth and has one of the biggest fan bases in the world. Sonic products, including boys and girls underwear are heavily wanted in the market. Stocks are depleted in the matter of a few days that is why the production of such items is high.


Underwear packs, the perfect gif!


We have introduced kids underwear packs in our new collection. They are usually a collection of 3 pieces that includes socks, underwear and shower bags. Each of these packs have one theme. Right now, Harry Potter packs are available in masses and each passing day, we add more to the collection.

Kids underwear are atemporal products to have in your store the whole year. Adding famous characters to them will only make them sweep in stores. Do not miss the opportunity and download our catalog!


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Products and Novelties


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