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How to increase your online sales at zero cost?

3 January 2021 / per Cerdá Group

It is a report that collects the results obtained through the responses given in a survey by more than 100 entrepreneurs in the retail sector.

This report aims to place the sector in the context we are experiencing. At what moment were you when the pandemic exploded and the State of Alarm was decreed, how have you reacted to this situation and how you should face the future so that the consequences are the least possible.

From the beginning of this situation, at Cerdá we decided to take a step forward and try to contribute our experience to our clients by developing a campaign (#CerdáSecurity) that will help them find answers in a situation of unprecedented uncertainty.

This campaign has included, in a first phase, from how to generate a safe environment when reopening stores, to how to relaunch your business after the coronavirus. In this second phase, which we are developing now and part of the report on the retail sector that we have carried out, we have wanted to focus on providing future solutions to our clients, thus developing a post on the management of customer databases: how to take advantage of data and data on boosting digital sales at zero cost.

One of the clearest conclusions that we have drawn from the report has undoubtedly been the need to digitize the sector. And we are not just talking about selling online, which many companies already do. We are talking about carrying out a strategy, different actions that boost sales and increase profits.


Actions to boost your digital sales 


Being present on the internet is essential when you have a business. But you don't just have to be, you also have to be. Having a website if it is not accompanied by a series of actions that bring traffic to that website, will never bring benefits.

And best of all, there are a wide variety of actions that can be developed within a strategy for free. Yes, free. You just have to be constant, have a plan and carry them out. Don't know what they are? Aim!:



From omnichannel (being present in the different channels) it is moving to omnicustomer (intelligent automation). This is closely related to what was previously reported. It is not just worth being in different channels (web, social networks, etc.) but you have to be in each of them.

You have to know what to do, what to say and how to say it so that the potential customer becomes a customer. Take it through a common thread towards our ultimate goal. And for that, the data becomes essential. Knowing where our potential client is, what pages they visit, how long they do it, what their tastes and preferences are ... all this will help us to know what message to send them, how to do it and how often to do it.

The  management of customer databases will help you in this


Launch of social networks 

Social networks are, today, a new business channel for companies. We must first define in which social networks our buyer persona is located and, once this point is defined, open an account in these social networks.

A community must be created, publishing periodically, creating content that encourages customer interaction, taking care of aesthetics and content, responding to private messages, commenting on other publications in the sector, etc.


Broadcast lists on Whatsapp

Among the different strategies that are included in online marketing, there is one that is breaking through with force and that can be very useful. This is the business use of the WhatsApp Business broadcast lists. It is neither more nor less than a list of contacts, organized through a series of parameters defined by us, to which a message or a multimedia file is sent simultaneously.

Sending a notification, a promotion or, simply, a new content of our blog to a large group of people simultaneously can be very really effective, since it allows all the people who are interested in us, any novelty.



An email list to use in our email marketing strategy is a list of email addresses, which we have had to capture following current regulations in force, to which we send an email.

This email will be sent in bulk through one of the available tools. This notification will reach its recipients in a totally individual way without them detecting that it has been a mass shipment. This will help us to keep our clients or potential clients informed of our news, be it discounts, blog articles, new products, etc.

As you can see, it is not only useful to have an online store or an informative website, you have to move to be seen. And for this, there are many actions that, coordinated and constantly, can help you.

These are just some of the conclusions drawn from our report, you will find many more in it. At Cerdá Group we are available to our clients to help them in this transformation to digital.


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Tips and Advice Online sales


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