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Relationship marketing: how to create lasting relationships with your customers

7 January 2021 / per Cerdá Group

 In order to improve its customer relationship and offer a service that meets expectations, several marketing strategies can be followed. It is now possible to set up a relationship marketing strategy with the aim of creating a real relationship with your customers. This type of marketing is part of a long-term goal and loyalty of the customer base, a profitable strategy to stand out in your market. What is relationship marketing and what are its benefits to the business and customer lifecycle?


What Does Relationship Marketing Mean?


Relationship management is essential to every business, therefore, maintaining a good customer relationship is an important point for companies today. For this, it is necessary to put in place the best strategies of relationship management and marketing to capture and retain customers. This is the objective of relationship marketing, which brings together all the operations carried out with the aim of creating a privileged relationship with each consumer.

With relationship marketing, the company supports the customer in their buying journey and is no longer limited to the simple transaction. This form of marketing therefore requires the use of appropriate tools to guarantee a continuous relationship with consumers, even outside of purchasing. One of the more self-explanatory examples is the anniversary email, which shows the company's interest in the customer.

With the digital age, customer relations have taken a new turn. Indeed, a significant part of consumption and the link with customers is now built on the Internet and in particular on social networks. As a result, relationship marketing can take different forms and rely on other different communication channels: website, social networks, mobile application, consumer magazine, etc. Relationship marketing can also result in rewards for customers: card loyalty, invitations, and specific services.


Why Is Relationship Marketing So Important For Business?


The growing importance of the internet and social networks today gives consumers even more weight but at the same time gives business a healthier customer lifecycle. Customer reviews are an integral part of a business’s image, directly impacting its activity.

Here, relationship marketing will make it possible to create a permanent link with consumers and thus better understand their needs and expectations. Thanks to the methods you will find below, companies can thus create a personalized relationship with each client, thereby improving their satisfaction and strengthening their customer lifecycle.

To set up a relationship marketing strategy, it is necessary to identify the various prospects and customers targeted. From this identification, it will be necessary to engage in a dialogue with each of the prospects. Above all, relationship marketing focuses on quality and seeks to provide an additional element to satisfy the prospect or the customer and thus increase your customer base.


How To Create Lasting Relationships With Your Clients With Relationship Marketing?


Before purchasing a product or service, potential customers will want to know more about your business, they should like your products or services and be prepared to trust you. To achieve this, you must try to build a special relationship with them. If you manage to retain them, you will reap even more sales!

Tell yourself that, through proper relationship management, it pays a lot more to put in the effort to build a relationship with a customer and to keep them than to be constantly on the lookout for new customers.

In order to create a lasting relationship with your client and maintain healthy customer lifecycle, you can emphasize on the following:

  •         Get to know your customers by discovering their needs and purchasing habits. 

Understand your clients, listen to them and you will know what they want. Only then will you be able to create lasting relationships with them. Pampering them and always offering what they are looking for.

  •         Personalize your communications through various media sources.

Your clients have to feel special and unique. Customize your actions to make them feel important and recognized. Thus, you will be able to retain your current customers and that they always return to your store.

  •         Provide them with memorable customer service

Put yourself in the mind of a consumer. How can I improve my customers' experience? Create a customer service strategy and exceed their expectations. If you can deliver excellent customer service, they will come back.

  •         Reach out to them through emails

Create an email marketing strategy to reach your customers more easily. Show news or products that they may like based on their purchases. Teach them that you know what they want and that you have it available.


There are many ways to create lasting relationships with your clients and these are essential! Do not hesitate and start them, at Cerdá we are sure that you will ensure that your customers do not want to go to another store.


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