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How to convert more with email marketing?

26 January 2021 / per Cerdá Group

In every marketing plan, there is a stage of promotion of the organization and its products to generate more sales, observe the market's receptivity, and offer better customer service.

One of the great tools for promotion is email marketing to convert many potential customers into loyal customers of the organization. If you want to know more, make yourself comfortable, and read on.


What is an email marketing strategy?


Emails are platforms for exchanging messages between users, perfect for making communications, and sending a new catalog with products to a potential customer. The world changed, and advertising too because in 1978 appeared a new way of contacting those interested in a service or product information.

We can define email marketing as all the actions, strategies, and measures implemented using an email to have more direct communication with the public, increase sales, and improve the organization's visibility.


Why is it so important to have an email marketing strategy in your store?


If few people are informed of a store's products, new stock, or new services, its growth will most likely be slow and depend on word of mouth publicity. However, if a store has a website, social networks, and requests its customers' emails, an email marketing strategy could be a great choice. Also, this strategy would increase the ROI considerably in a short time.

If you still do not agree with having an email marketing strategy, we will tell you some reasons and situations why every store should necessarily have these strategies:

  •   The database about customers would have better information and new conversions.
  •   Email marketing is one of the cheapest and easiest tools to advertise and get conversions.
  •   External advertising campaigns could have a more significant impact on the target audience.
  •   If there are offers and promotions, the conversions could be much higher with this type of marketing.
  •   If the messages are personalized, the customer will feel part of the organization, and their loyalty will be greater.


Tips to convert more with your email marketing


We already know that any action you take through an email to benefit a store can be interpreted as an email marketing strategy. However, just because a store does email marketing doesn't mean it will have impressive conversions. Many stores have given up on this marketing strategy, but we will give you some excellent tips below to take advantage of this incredible tool. 


Create your own database

One of the most important strategies when it comes to improving the results of our e-mail marketing campaign is the creation of your own database. And the reason is because the people who will receive the messages are those who in fact showed interest in your content.


Only communicate with the contacts that interact with your brand


Keeping track of reports is a good way to verify results and find ways to improve the performance of your email marketing strategy. One of the points that can be analyzed in this regard is the email open rate. Check if your database contains people who do not open their messages.

When identifying these people, exclude them from the list. There is no use sending shipments to those who are not interested in reading your content or doing business with your company.


Create original promotions 


Create original promotional campaigns to promote in your emails. Reward your customers with discounts, gifts or raffles. With these actions you will surely get better results.

You can even create special promotions for birthdays. Who won't convert if we give them a special discount for their birthday?


Work on your emails subject


The subject of the email is the first thing readers will see. Therefore, we recommend that you be creative to get people's attention to the point that your message stands out from all those in the inbox.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare an email strategy for your store and implement all these tips to improve your results. Trust Cerdá and make your digital business grow!


Point of Sale Tips and Advice Online sales


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