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Discover the hair accessories that will give your business the edge.

27 October 2022 / per Cerdá Group

In this article you will find:

- Hair bandanas

- Headbands for everyone

-  Elastics and hair scrunchies

- Hair clips

- How to make the most of hair accessories?

Hair accessories are an infallible resource to carry out cross-selling in your business but, in addition, on their own, they can be a great attraction for your customers and their loyalty.

At Cerdá, as a manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of hair accessories, we want to give you the keys to capture the attention of consumers and increase your sales.

Because a beautiful, original and different hair accessory is the key to a perfect outfit, give your customers what they are looking for!

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Hair bandanas

Bandanas are hair accessories that have recently become very fashionable but actually have a long history behind them. Back in the 1970s, they were already one of the most decorative accessories for the heads of men, women, boys and girls. But their use dates back to the East and they came to the West as a very functional way to keep the hair combed back.

Over time they have been improved and modified and have once again become a very cool, fun and sophisticated element.

At Cerdá we offer you a wide catalogue of the most fascinating bandanas, perfect for you to promote cross selling by giving your customers what they are looking for at all times.

In addition, you can include in your stock different types of models, from the most childish ones, with images of Frozen II, for example, to more discreet but at the same time fun ones of Harry Potter or Friends.


Headbands for everyone

Another essential accessory that you can't afford to be without in your stock are headbands. They are practical, functional, fun, sophisticated and gender- and age-neutral. That is to say, we offer such a wide variety of models that they can be used by girls and boys, women and men.

We offer you different types of headbands, some made of fabric with a reinforced edge to avoid rubbing or injuries due to their use, and which are also completely modern and trendy. They have designs of the most loved and fashionable characters of the moment such as Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter or Frozen, and other more simple and childish models decorated with Stitch bows, Minnie Mouse ears or Disney Princesses.

Hair elastics and scrunchies

You have to be prepared for an unexpected wind that puts your hair in your face, for a hot flash or a lot of heat and, in short, for any situation that requires your hair to be tied back so that it doesn't get in the way of your face.

Some people prefer scrunchies that are tighter or softer so that they don't leave a mark. Others prefer elastics that guarantee a good hold, or that are wider, narrower, longer, rubber, fabric, rubber and fabric, in a specific colour for each occasion, with their favourite characters... There is a great variety!

Wholesale rubber bands and elastics are, without a doubt, a whole world to discover and a great advantage for improving customer satisfaction, encouraging cross-selling and even building customer loyalty.

That is why, at Cerdá, we offer you a large number of hair accessories with which you will achieve your objectives and, moreover, with which your customers will feel cared for and pampered.

But as we have said, there are so many and so diverse that it is important to mark the difference with your competition, which in Cerdá are quality and originality in hair accessories

Disney Princess elastics, in different colours, with the image of Snow White and her apple, or with small motifs that make reference to them, or Harry Potter, for the real fans of the saga. Peppa Pig is also available for the little ones to enjoy like crazy, or the 101 Dalmatians, Stitch, Minnie, Frozen...


And it's the same with scrunchies. Originality, creativity and differentiation from the competition. An unbeatable resource for cross-selling, to share with customers the excellence of your store and your differentiation towards them. The scrunchies are comfortable and, nowadays, they are also used as bracelets, with many young women wearing them on their wrists to complete their outfits depending on the occasion.

But if, in addition, the scrunchies are made by the most fashionable characters of the moment, the success is served.

Fabric scrunchies with bows, with Minnie, Peppa Pig or the Little Mermaid, for example, or fabric scrunchies with Harry Potter, Mickey, The Mandalorian, Stitch... motifs.

Take advantage of the opportunity and complete your stock with a wide variety of hair accessories that will help you increase your visibility and profits. A small investment that will bring you ample benefits.

Hair clips

Another essential element for your business that is in almost everyone's home is hair clips. And at Cerdá we offer you many models of this type of wholesale hair accessories.

They are practical, useful, never go out of fashion and you can never have enough of them! Moreover, if they are of high quality, they can last for a long time, so customers are motivated to return to the same place where they bought the ones they have to buy new models but with the same quality.

As with scrunchies, hair clips are essential for those with long hair and even more so if you have fringes that can interfere with your vision when doing any activity, but it is also true that many people like to use them as decorative elements, as they give a very cool touch. 

The clips are small metal pieces, of different sizes, which can be decorated with different motifs, but they also have different degrees of strength in the clips. There are those who like them to be tighter and there are those who like them to serve only as decoration of the hairstyle.

One of the great novelties that we include in our catalogue and that little girls, and not so little girls, love are the Little Mermaid clips. They are a set of 4 fun clips in turquoise, blue and lilac, with decorative elements such as a seashell, a bow, glitter or the image of Ariel.

Stitch has been very popular this year and next year he will continue to be one of the most loved characters, so Stitch clips are a must. In blue, with glitter bows, they are ideal to combine with the scrunchies, elastics, headbands and even bandanas of the whole collection.


Essential for your stock, without any doubt, the Frozen, Minnie and, of course, Harry Potter clips. And, as with Stitch, they combine perfectly with all the hair accessories we offer at Cerdá.

How do you get the most out of your hair accessories?

To get the most out of the wholesale hair accessories that you will find at Cerdá, you just have to take into account what kind of customers you have, what they want and what their favourite characters are.

Nobody knows better than you what your customers are like, whether they are mainly boys or girls, or more teenagers or adults.

So focus on your audience and fill your stock with their favourite products and take advantage of every purchase of every other item to offer them the opportunity to get the best hair accessories.

You can also strategically place them in your physical shop in hot spots to attract their attention and even if your business is online, when purchasing a product you can offer as a highlight a scrunchie, a bandana, a clip or whatever accessory you are looking to sell the most.

So now you know! Make the most of hair accessories and get the most out of your business. In addition, you will be making your customers feel satisfied with their purchases, they will buy the products they need and like the most and, of course, you will increase your sales and profits.

At Cerdá we work with care on all our products, from the largest to the smallest, to help you make the difference with your competition. This way you can offer quality, originality, fun and beauty and your customers will come back to your shop and recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

Download our catalogue and take one step closer to success! Look, evaluate and choose the most incredible products on the market with the most loved and favourite characters of the moment.



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