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4 strategies to help you increase your footwear sales

28 October 2022 / per Cerdá Group

When we have a business our worries are multiplied by a thousand. Attending to customers, managing orders, choosing the right product... Everything has to be in order. However, in the end it all boils down to one thing: sales.

At Cerdá, as wholesale footwear distributors, we bring you four strategies to increase sales in your shoe shop. Take note!

1.  The child as a buyer prescriber increases sales in your shop
2. The NAG effect and strategies for selling shoes
3. Cross-selling or cross-selling to increase sales in your shop
4. The emotional factor as a sales driver, a strategy for selling more shoes 



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The child as a purchase prescriber, increasing in-store sales

It's no secret: parents buy what their children want. Studies show that 40-60% of the decisions made in the home are influenced by children.

How can you take advantage of this in your shop? Buy your products with children in mind. Character footwear, for example, is a great way to get the attention of the little ones.

The NAG effect and strategies for selling shoes

According to child psychologist Victoria Tur in her book Marketing and Children, children's insistence on demanding a product leads to the purchase of that product. In marketing this is known as the NAG effect and can help you to sell more.

Children are highly manipulable through advertising, without price or quality being a variable that influences them to buy. In this way, children's insistence pushes parents to buy products at a higher price or lower quality just to make their little ones happy.

Cross-selling to increase shoe sales

Cross-selling is the perfect strategy to increase the sales of your business from day one. But what does this technique consist of? Simple. It is about offering the customer complementary products to the one he/she wants to buy.

If we are in a footwear shop where the star product we sell is a pair of paw patrol wellies, having a matching umbrella is the best way to get our customer to buy two products instead of just one.

The emotional factor as a sales driver, a strategy for selling shoes

As the report 'Keys to retail: vision 2016-2018' states, "the emotional component is the main responsible for purchasing decisions, up to 80%". How can we emphasise this factor at the point of sale? Visual merchandising is the answer.

Mochila Lady bug

Good visual merchandising helps the customer to easily find what they are looking for in the shop, discovering new products that they were not planning to buy, as we have seen in the previous point. Likewise, an appropriate placement of footwear at the point of sale creates a positive shopping experience for the user, pushing them to buy new products and becoming a recurring customer of our store.

In short, thinking about the little ones is essential when it comes to increasing sales in a children's footwear shop. At Cerdá, in addition to manufacturing and selling wholesale footwear online, we think about children when creating each of our products. Quality, design and their favourite characters, what more could you ask for?

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