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Harry Potter apparel to multiply your shop's sales

8 October 2019 / per Cerdá Group


 It is not a hidden fact that Harry Potter is one of the most-watched series of movies and J.K. Rowling has rocked the screen every time with the story she provided with her books. With a strong effect that this series has on all the people in the world, it is the best choice for promoting or selling any brand.

 With our licensed character clothing wholesale products and extraordinary material, we provide you with something that will definitely help you increase your store demands and have a huge and long line of customers waiting outside your stores. The mere fact that not just kids but adults fancy this series the most, we have products for all the age groups. With our clothing, we ensure that the kids do not just look good but the quality is also up to the mark.

 For the adults as well, who are so in love with the Harry Potter apparel series, we have a huge variety that you can choose from and you will never regret buying such a good piece. With the number of websites that are built just by the fandom of Harry Potter, out there, you do not want to miss this product range that can boost your customer demand a lot. So, come now and save yourself some high prices that wholesalers might demand.


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The product line for the adults

For all the male Potter heads out there, your wait is over as Cerdá gets a whole new range of products of main houses of the Harry Potter.

Now, the stores that buy products from us can ensure that the fans get their favorite products easily. The guys with the cars and bike can show off their Harry Potter key chains by Cerdá. We have premium, 3d and Acrilico key chains that the guys will definitely love. Actually, not just guys but all the girls will love these key chains as well. If you have some friend who is a crazy Potter head, these might be the perfect gift. 

Also, for you girls, Cerdá has a product range of Harry Potter purses where you can easily keep your business cards. These wallets have some main parts of the series printed on them like Hogwarts and platform 9 3/4.


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The product line for the kids

This product range is going to fulfill each kid’s dreams and desires who once wanted to have the Harry Potter apparel series. We have a whole lot for the kid Potter heads; we have the fancy Harry Potter bags well as t-shirts that are extremely cute. The cute jerseys and flip flops are an extra gift for them. 

How much they would love to take cute umbrellas with the Harry Potter manual on them out? And the cute black sunglasses much relatable to the ones that Harry Potter wore in the series is an add on to each of them. Also, the cute house slippers from Harry Potter apparel will be on your customers’ hit list for sure. Do not forget the red dressing gown with the Harry Potter logo on it for your customers.


What are you all waiting for? Get the best product range within the best prices offered and make it all a really good strategy for your business or stores. Only with Cerdá

Products and Novelties Point of Sale


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