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Cerdá: Disney Wholesale Clothing

1 October 2019 / per Cerdá Group


Why clothes for kids?

These clothes have enough potential to attract a good number of consumers to your store. Clothes are obviously one of the most important parts of human lives and they are usually very choosy with what they wear. They do not just make a person look good but also protect him from any weather or wound. 

We are a licensed kids' clothing distributor and we design such products that cater to every customer’s needs, children, youth and adults. We do not leave a scope for a disappointment to any consumer and hence we are the best option for you to choose among many out there. Surely, our clothes will attract a lot more customers for you and profit your business

We have a full range of clothing with a variety of choices to choose from. Our website has it all, spend some time and get yourself some profit deals that will help you line customers in front of your shop.

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Clothing line for the boys

Our Mickey Mouse fans do not have to wait anymore to adore their favorite character by wearing a t-shirt or pants or various clothing variety that has their favorite character upon it. The t-shirts that will fit your customers and the quality that will suit them, we have something that your customers would never want to miss. 

Not just the prints and colors to choose from but we have clothing that fits every customer because of a wide variety of sizes as well. Each of that guy who always wanted something to wear that showed what a fan he is of Mickey or Donald, he has a chance with the pants that we offer as well. Buy our products and you will have no male fan of Disney world go empty-handed.



Clothing line for the girls

Well, the girls who are Minnie fans out there do not need to wait anymore for them to wear the cute T-shirts they can move around to show how much they love Minnie and other female characters from the Disney

With a print of every character and size that will fit each of your female customers, we offer the quality products that you would not want to miss if you want a huge number of customers waiting outside your store. As we told earlier, the prices we offer are directly from the manufacturers so come and save yourself some money. 

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Come and fulfill the desires of all those cute little females out there and also those adults who always wanted to wear their favorite character’s t-shirt. Now, they all can just swirl around with the cute pajamas and other clothing that we offer from Disney. Your customers would be disappointed if you let those cute dresses miss out from their hands.

So, find yourself the best deal available and gift yourself some profits that await with this lovely clothing range. The guaranteed quality and the licensed products, what else would you need?


In Cerdá, we are proud to be a major manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor of licensed products, with over 40 years of experience in the sector. We have an amazing selection of different products for your shop, perfect of kids and adults. 


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