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8 April 2020 / per Cerdá Group

In this way you will be able to satisfy the needs of your customers, you will keep them protected from the flu, and their commitment to your store will be greater. For this reason, we advise you to take a look at the new products in our winter 2020 catalog.


The importance of being warm in Winter

During the winter, it does not matter if we have heating at home; the cold will filter in any way. Besides, sometimes you must do errands, and the more covered we are, the more we protect ourselves from the flu caused by low temperatures.

As we already know, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we have to take care of our airways. It means that we must eliminate any possibility of getting the flu by giving our body warmth.



Record these hats in your inventory

Hats are an essential accessory during this climate because they protect the main body area, the head; they provide warmth to the ears that is a sensitive part to the cold, and people usually forget that. Therefore, thinking about the best for the children and their care, we bring you these hats with the best materials, such as nylon, acrylic, and elastane.


Minimalist designs

These are the hats that have a lot of visual spacing and denote the simple thing as the most striking, such as these unicolor designs with the Batman logo or Disney designs , you cannot miss the emblem of The Child  and the one of Marvel. These are the most bought by Kidults.


Design with pompom

The striking thing about this design is the furry ball on the tip of it. Imagine the little girls with a hat that has two pompoms that simulate being Minnie's ears with the bow included, or a hat that simulate the hair of a Lol Surprise; they will be obsessed. As well as, there are several designs with the theme of Frozen, one of our most beloved Disney characters as Minnie Mouse Also, there are other characters for them with a pompom as the ones of Harry Potter that you may watch.


disney hat


And do not think that we forget the boys, because as always, they will have their friend Spiderman, Star Wars, Mickey and more.


Design with applications

These hats have more elaboration and more decorations than the rest because of the applications; fabrics that provide a 3D look. For the babies, we recommend the Buzz Lightyear, Top Wing, and Vampirina hats. Also, we have a Lady Bug hat-mask for baby girls that stand out, because it protects the eye area. But for children, you will find hats from The Avengers, Batman, and each of the superheroes with a unique decoration of the character.


Jacquard design

They are very reminiscent of Christmas style; they never go out of style because the cold makes us think of that happy event. For this reason, above all what we are experiencing today internationally, we must keep that happiness in our children by keeping alive the meaning of Christmas, the union. They don't understand why we have to be so careful with colds when we go out, and this is a fun way to distract them from reality but taking care of them at the same time. You can make them happier with some cool jacquard designs of their favorite characters such as Star Wars, Mickey or Harry Potter. 


Tips to take care of the cold

The head and ears are important, but the hands, body, and neck are essential. Any part of the body is vulnerable in this wheater. As we already knew that, we have combos that are unmissable. For many parents, it will be great for the care of their children.


hats fot kids


This combo is about complementary accessories that will keep the little ones warm. It brings a hat, gloves and a snood. The importance of the last accessory is that it does not just protect the neck, but part of the mouth.

Most of the pompom designs are Disney hats, but you will also find Marvel, Top Wing, and Toy Story hats. Its material is great because they are made to resist cold and humidity.

In Cerdá we are always pretending to be helping our clients and to offer the best products. We know that in this extraordinary situation that we are experiencing, it is essential to take care of yourself and those around us. Do not miss all our products to take care of the cold this winter. 


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Products and Novelties Winter


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