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How to make your own e-commerce

10 November 2019 / per Cerdá Group

In the past, e-commerce begins to be heard when, in 1997, Coca-Cola sold its product through text messaging, and then in 1998, it was possible to download and buy music online. Today the internet dominates the world. People prefer to rest and avoid going out as if they were going to work; they prefer to do simple things and in the comfort of their home whenever they want, and at the time they want.

If you have a local store and you still do not create a website, you are losing potential customers in some way. Consequently, if you wonder why you must create your own e-commerce, we will answer you that this is a technological advance that you should take advantage of.  It will increase your sales possibilities in the market, and if you are new in this, do not worry, we will explain the step by step of how to make an e-commerce website.



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Steps to create your own e-commerce

Every business requires an initial investment, but the good thing about taking advantage of the benefits of the internet is that you save a lot of money compared to what you spend in a physical store. Now, since you are interested, follow the next steps of how to make an e-commerce website:

  •         Search for a domain for your online store: This is the name or sequence of numbers that are related to an IP. With it, the assets in the network could find your store easier. If you still do not understand what a domain is, we assure you that you have seen it, for example: "", "", etc. As an advice, try to make the name descriptive or straightforward, that is, easy to memorize.
  •         Hire a hosting service: This tool provides the services of storage memory, bandwidth, interface, apps, etc. Although to hire this service requires a significant investment. You must look for one that guarantees quality because the users and Google system do not like a page with lag. It is one of the few expenses you will make. It will be worth it. With this tool, your domain will be visible on the web.
  •         Design your web page: To create your own e-commerce, you must organize your catalog, describe your products, choose the theme of the page, and use a straightforward design that does not make the customer think.
  •         Includes a Dropshipper of guarantees: This is the wholesaler or distributor that will send the product or service that they are offering to your customers' address. In this way, you save expenses on the stock of products and logistics.
  •         Use a CMS: Also known as a content management system, that is, with this tool you can create and manage your content in a simple way, the best thing is that today many are free.
  •         Add payment methods: The more methods you include, the better for your users, credit cards, bank slip, or transfer. That way, you lose fewer potential customers.
  •         Create a Limited Partnership: It is a limited regulation that will make your products sold legally.
  •         Online marketing: Do not forget that to create your own e-commerce, you must know your niche, its tastes, and their needs. With that information, you will know what to sell and how to sell it.





Which products or services are the most profitable

Any product that makes a difference and is fashionable is perfect to be sold online, as well as electronic products, clothing, accessories or fitness foods, among others. But as a recommendation, children's license products are one of the most profitable products in the market because they have less competition in it.

Clothes never go out of style, and at Christmas time, parents always look for new releases for the little ones in the house. Also, these licensed products stick to entertainment characters that are related to brands valued by the public and that children love. In these cases, small companies benefit from the marketing of large companies. A useful page to have reference to it is ""


Tips for an e-commerce dedicated to the children's sector

Children are increasingly immersed in the internet using YouTube or Google. It means that it is no longer just about capturing the attention of parents, but of the smallest of the house. To stimulate them to order a product you have to:

Having a double target: You should not only make content for parents. We recommend you to create content easy to understand to capture the child's attention, for that, add images of the products with the cartoons that never fail in the market and add the name of your store, in this way, they will know where to find the product.

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Tips and Advice Online sales


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