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Linkedin for your business. Exploit the possibilities of this social network!

5 November 2019 / per Cerdá Group


If your idea is to spend your time as a professional, LinkedIn for your business is the best tool to be one. In this platform, you can highlight your best skills, find a job, hire staff, or find suppliers.


Why use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform that began as a web tool where only resumes were sent. However, today, it is one of the most used social networks in the world because its use is simple, it has a global reach, and you can keep in touch with professional people through this media.

If you are starting a project, it could be the perfect option to enter to LinkedIn for your little business, and consequently, gain a consolidated position in the market, experience, and independence. Besides, your business would grow, and the image of your company would be reinforced.



Tips for using LinkedIn

Each one of the tips that we will mention below is necessary in LinkedIn for your business. 

  •         Search the niche of your market: It is essential to know what their needs are, their tastes, and customs to adapt your messages to them, your potential buyers.
  •         Identify yourself: Share a video of yourself and talk about who are you, what do you do, and what are you looking for.
  •         Update your profile: It will attract you to customers who require your services; They will notice how active you are in the social network.
  •         Innovate: Brings different products to those that already exist on the platform.
  •         Be dynamic: Add multimedia content to make your profile less boring.
  •         Communicate: Answer to your clients' questions to stand out as a comprehensive professional who knows what they want.
  •         Participate: Join a group on LinkedIn and participate in its forums and debates because the information you leave on the mentioned activities can attract future customers.
  •         Schedules: Publish your products before and after working hours in your region.
  •         Hashtags: The hashtags on LinkedIn for your company will depend on your niche. If it is a niche that handles content in English, its use will make you visible to them. However, for those who manage Spanish content, they will find it unnecessary.



Networking in LinkedIn for your small businesses

It is about getting to know as many professionals as possible and to create a contact list to produce a business relationship. This agenda serves to get suppliers and to reinforce the image of your company. Also, forming groups and debates with professionals bring clients. As advice, share your knowledge to attract them to your profile and to make them consult about your brand.




Marketing for your business

It is no longer about selling, but about satisfying customer needs. In a world where the promotion of several products has saturated the market, you have to use marketing strategies that do not bore potential customers. Take into account that:

  •         Your profile is important: It must be attractive, and for it, you must investigate what your niche needs, how it speaks, and what its tastes are to make the content of your profile. Use attractive images.
  •         Share your material: If you have a page of your business, you must share the link in your profile to gain potential clients or partners. If you don't have one, what do you expect?
  •         Generate engagement: You need to convey confidence in LinkedIn for your business to people who visit your profile, and the best way to promote your products is to make yourself noticed. Upload a video! And generate loyal customers to your brand.
  •         Partner with other users: Reach an agreement with a professional to do reciprocal marketing. For example, share the business information of a third party and recommend it. With this strategy, you will make potential customers buy their products. It means that if your ally does the same with your profile, you will get the same benefits.
  •         Consider using ads: We know it is a paid strategy; however, if you want to make yourself known, it is an excellent idea.
  •         Participate in debates: In these spaces, you can share what you know, what do you do, what are you looking for, and what do you want to achieve. Remember that to be part of these debates, you must start a group.
  •         Evaluate impressions: Everything digital is measured. Check your profile statistics from time to time to see if your strategies are working.


Trusting in Cerdá, we will help you grow your business!


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Tips and Advice Online sales


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