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How to make your first order of licensing products with Cerdá

14 May 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Each year, we create more than 2,000 different products of the children's favorite characters. We have an extensive customer base, and to meet all the needs of these companies, we offer additional services with great added value. If your company is dedicated to the sale of licensed items, wholesaling or you manage an e-commerce site, in Cerdá  you can find a great ally.


Reasons to bet on Cerdá as a manufacturer of licensed products

  1.     Cerdá Group offers expert advice to acquire enough stock and manage your business in an intelligent way. The consultancy service offered by Artesanía Cerdá is unique and is dedicated to helping companies to manage an extremely efficiently stock.
  2.     We offer high-value data on purchase of inventory, trends, and fashion. All the information is obtained through rigorous studies and reports. We dedicated time to research, and all this information is made available to customers on our intranet. Real-time prices and statistical data are provided too.
  3.    We reinvent our products and discover new ways to use our licenses. We find the right differentiating element for each item in our extensive catalog. Our products are unique and represent a whole experience for the final customer who buys them.
  4.     Throughout our extensive experience in the licensing sector, many brands, large and small, have placed their trust in our work. Our professional development has allowed us to grow and evolve, thus being able to respond to the needs of each customer who has trusted us to be their supplier of licensed products.


How to order licensed products

The purchase of products can be made via Web or through our commercial agents by mail.

The price and the minimum purchase quantity of each item are indicated on our website or in the Cerdá's official tariffs. In Cerdá we study every case and the particularities of each client to offer them the best option. No two customers are the same!

The Customer can choose from the following forms of payment:

  •     Payment in advance (transfer before shipment, in the current account indicated by Cerdá).
  •      If agreed in the Particular Conditions of each customer:
  •  A single bank transfer with deferred expiration.
  • Two/three bank drafts, with two/three deferred expirations, splitting the amount of each draft.
  • The maximum term will be 90 days.

In Cerdá we understand that each client is unique. We like to attend to your needs and requests in a personalized way, thus guaranteeing that our business relationship is durable and solid.

Cerdá may deliver the products orders in several deliveries on different dates.


The best service for more than 40 years

Since 1987, we have been working in the licensing sector. With its headquarters in L'Ollería, the company operates on a European level, being present in many countries: Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Nordic region, Eastern countries among others. Cerdá Group is a company with more than 4 decades of experience. Over the years, it has adapted its vision, is ready to supply the demands of the market and the needs of its wide portfolio of clients.

Cerdá products


In the licensing sector, Cerdá Group is one of the most experienced organizations in Spain. The references offered in gift items and stationery, textiles, accessories , bags, and backpacks,  reflect am a steady commitment to innovation and with the manufacture of multifunctional articles, versatile and high-quality standards. Cerdá bases its work on studies and reports on licenses, children's preferences and trends. This way, nothing escapes the control and forecasts of the future of the company and the work is developed from contrasted data, never by intuition.

If you have a business dedicated to retail or wholesale, you can take advantage of all the knowledge and professionalism of Cerdá in benefit of your business. What are you waiting for to place your first order?


Products and Novelties Tips and Advice Licensing Buy wholesale


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