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What is 'licensing' and what are the advantages for my business?

17 March 2019 / per Cerdá Group


For that reason, a great strategy, particularly effective when you want to offer a product to children and teens, is to distribute original licensed products from a highly reputed manufacturer and wholesaler like the Cerdá Group (enlace post 1) . As a distributor of our company’s licensed kids’ products, you will know you are just doing the right marketing call.

Major Advantages

There are many perks for you as a retailer to add value to your business when offering licensed kids’ products. Some of the major advantages are:

1. Driving your sales

By offering licensed and original products, you will experience an increase in your sales volume, when you get to reach a new target who knows exactly what they want. This audience is featured by having their favorite character in products, with the support of recognized brands.

2. Licensed products from top franchises

The Cerdá Group counts with a series of licenses of renowned brands such as:

• Disney: Including the rights of franchises such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Tangled, Disney Princess, The Avengers, Spiderman, Star Wars, Toy Story or Cars, among others. Disney is one of the most loved and known brands by children around the world.

Nickelodeon: The Nickelodeon brand includes the distribution image rights of franchises such as Shimmer & Shine, Paw Patrol or Top Wing. They have brought us some incredibly funny and relatable characters that have made us laugh and cry out of joy.

• Warner Bros: As the owners of the rights of your DC Comic favorites like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Harry Potter, you can be sure they are child’s and adults favorite.

•                      MGA: The american manufacturer of the unboxing toy line L.O.L Surprise! The currently most demanded license.

•               Zag: The young creator of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir .

•               Universal: one of the most important kid’s TV Networks with characters like Trolls or Minions 

•               And many more!


03 licencias

3. As Competitive Advantage

Trading with licensed products allows you to have a superior market positioning from your competition, standing out as a renowned player with a certain sense of prestige, differentiation, authenticity, credibility and identification. The values of the brands become yours..

4. Wide portfolio of original licensed products

When you think about licensed clothing, apparel, bags, and accessories, you should know we have it all. Just name it: Backpacks, handbags, lunch bags, caps, hats, cushions, footwear, clothes, umbrellas, raincoats, sunglasses, key chains, purses, fashion accessories, and beauty accessories. Imagine all those products with the themes of your favorite Disney, Marvel or Star Wars character!

5. Instant recognition

By working with such important original world brands, the Cerdá Group  and our clients obtain an immediate reputation of quality and differentiation. Not everyone can afford the possibility to offer a licensed product from Disney, Star Wars or The Avengers.

6. New distribution channels

By distributing child’s licensed products, you can access a whole new potential specter of customers that could have been locked before in terms of strategic alliances or geographical reach.

7. But most of all… Kids love it!

Some of the licensed franchised products that Cerdá Group is able to manufacture, resides in the imagination of every child! They want to have every product there is in the market. Marvel, DC Comics, L.O.L Surprise, they were also part of our childhoods, so we know how important they can be for our own children.



What does a brand license their product?

There are many reasons our brands decide to work with us:

Brand doesn’t have to make a lot of marketing actions

Since they already have an established recognition, the marketing actions brands have to make are minimal. That is a great reason why most brands deposit their trust in us like licensing products manufacturer.

Cost Reduction

Instead of having to make large investments on staff, infrastructure, know-how, marketing, and administrative costs, most brands prefer to concentrate their efforts into what they do best and let the professionals like the Cerdá Group  get in charge with the manufacture and wholesale of their licensed products, so you can distribute them amongst your customers.

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Products and Novelties Tips and Advice Licensing


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