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How to become a backpack importer

11 May 2023 / per Cerdá Group

The backpack sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in recent years. Brands are responding to this new situation and have started to incorporate this type of product in their shops. The backpacks sold in these stores are usually made abroad. If you have ever thought about importing backpacks to incorporate them into your business, read on because we are going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a backpack importer.

1. Advantages of being a backpack importer
2. Disadvantages of being a backpack importer
3. Get your hands on the best backpacks on the market!
4. Cerdá Group Services

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1.  Advantages of being a backpack importer

1.1. Price
Price is one of the main reasons why many people consider importing backpacks. It can vary from supplier to supplier but generally imported backpacks tend to be cheaper as production and labour costs are lower. It all adds up!

Don't just focus on price. You should also consider other factors such as quality, design and variety. Because if a product is not attractive and of high quality, your customer will not match it. You have to make him fall in love with it!

1.2. Quality
You have probably heard that imported products are of lower quality. However, this is not always the case, as quality can vary depending on the supplier and the country of origin.

Quality depends not only on where they are manufactured, but also on the materials and workmanship used. In this respect, some suppliers can offer high quality backpacks at competitive prices by using advanced production techniques and good materials. Of course, there are also suppliers who may offer the opposite. For this reason, you need to activate all your senses.

1.3. Variedad
When importing backpacks you can choose from a wide variety of designs and styles for your point of sale. Research will be necessary because not all suppliers will offer you the best designs and products to guarantee your customer satisfaction.

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2.  Disadvantages of being a backpack importer

It's not all going to be pretty! Importing backpacks is no easy task and we want you to be aware of some of the drawbacks:

2.1. Import process and additional costs
When importing backpacks, several logistical factors need to be taken into account that may influence the purchasing decision. 

Shipping time can vary depending on the supplier and can range from weeks to months. Shipping costs are often prohibitively expensive due to the distance and weight of the goods.

You should also consider that you may have to pay import taxes. Each country has its own regulations and tariffs, so we recommend that you do more research on this point because it can significantly increase the final price of the products. 

But it is not only the price that increases, it also increases the time you have to spend due to the documentation and paperwork needed to import. When importing backpacks, certain legal and customs requirements must be met, such as obtaining permits, certificates and other documents. This can be a complicated process and requires time and effort to make sure everything is in order.

2.2. Consideraciones legales y fiscales
You need to be aware that the regulations and legal requirements in the country of origin and destination are different. Each country has its own regulations and laws and it is important to know and comply with them to avoid legal or customs problems. Not forgetting international trade policies and intellectual property rules. These also vary from country to country.

3. Get your hands on the best backpacks on the market!

At this point, you have probably realised that importing backpacks is a good idea but it requires a lot of time and effort.

If what you want is to incorporate in your point of sale backpacks that attract attention among your customers without having to worry about anything, in Cerdá Group we are manufacturers and distributors of licensed products.

In our latest Back To School 23 collection, you'll find backpacks featuring the characters of the moment:Sonic, Bluey, Gabby's Dollhouse, Mickey Mousse, Spider-Man and many more.

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Our backpacks together with our stationery sets, water bottles, umbrellas, cases and toiletry bags can be the perfect combo to encourage cross-selling in your shop.

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4. Cerdá Group Services

If at this point you feel that our products are going to be successful in your business, read on because we have developed services to make it even easier for you:


We have more than 22,500 m2 of logistic storage so that you have products available all year round. In addition, we have 10,000 references in stock, putting at your disposal all the fashionable characters of the moment and more than 6 large product families.


At Cerdá Group, as well as having a catalogue with a multitude of characters, many classic and trendy and based on what is most in demand each season, we have a service of ideation, design, production and manufacture of licensed products with your ideas.

We tell you more about this service here: Exclusive designs for your point of sale


Our integration service for e-commerce allows you to have all or part of our catalogue on your website, immediately and effortlessly.


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I want to know more about Cerdá Services

In short, importing backpacks is a good option but it requires a lot of time and effort. At Cerdá, we have a wide catalogue of backpacks that you can quickly incorporate into your business and if you need to, you can contact us for more information about them.

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