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Is it profitable to open a clothing shop?

12 April 2023 / per Cerdá Group


If you've come this far it's because something has caught your attention, and that something is the idea of opening a clothes shop. Get pencil and paper ready because we're going to tell you everything you need to know to do it! Here we go!

1. How to open a clothes shop?
2.  Licensed products, your differential value
3. Benefits of having your own clothing shop
4. What do you need to open a clothing shop?

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1.  How to open a clothes shop?

Have you ever thought about opening a clothing shop? First of all, you should be aware that it is a complex task. To start with, you will need to invest a lot of time in your business to make it successful: location scouting, online platforms, suppliers, social networks...

In fact, if you want to open a clothing shop, it is best to have previous experience in the sector; it is usually preferable to be the owner of a brand or designer before trying it on your own. However, there are people who take the plunge without knowing anything about the sector and succeed thanks to talent and perseverance.

Don't worry because at Cerdá, we focus our efforts on making your work easier. That's why we have developed products and services that adapt to you and your business!


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2. Licensed products, your differential value

There is a lot of competition in the textile sector, so you need to find something that differentiates you from your competitors. Have you ever heard of licensed articles, for example? In Cerdá Group, we have a wide catalogue of products for all publics: Spider-Man, Mickey, Minnie, Avengers, Star Wars....

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Based on our experience, we recommend that if you want to open a clothing shop, you should incorporate licensed products in it, as they are a good option to start with: they are timeless and increasingly in demand, and sales are guaranteed!

3. Benefits of having your own clothing shop

Owning your own clothing shop can be an exciting venture and there are many benefits to be gained:

- Flexibility: By owning your own clothing shop, you have full control over your own hours and the direction of your business. You can set your own working hours and make important decisions about the management of your shop.

-Creativity: you have the freedom to create your own brand, select your own merchandise, design the look of your shop and make important marketing decisions. This can be very rewarding for people with a passion for fashion and design.

- Social interaction: A clothing shop allows you to interact directly with your customers. You can learn about their tastes and preferences, which can help you improve your products and services and build closer relationships with your customers.

-Quality control: By owning your own clothing shop, you can control the quality of the products you offer. You can carefully select your suppliers and make sure that the goods you sell are of high quality and meet your standards.

-Profit potential: A successful clothing shop can generate significant income. If you carefully select your merchandise and attract the right target audience, you can earn a good income. We recommend that you focus on licensed products, in particular on classic characters: Mickey, Minnie, Batman, Avengers... ¡Todos ellos conseguirán que aumentes tus ventas! 

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4.  What do you need to open a clothing shop?

-A good location: This is one of the most important things to consider when opening a business, especially if you plan to rent premises in a shopping centre. You don't want to be too close or too far from other shops with similar products; if your location is not ideal, customers will not be able to find your shop easily and may shop elsewhere. It also helps if there is plenty of parking nearby so that customers don't have trouble finding a space when they visit you (which might keep them coming back).

- Budgeting for opening a clothing shop in Spain: As with any type of retail business, whether online or physical, knowing how much money will be needed for start-up costs before opening day is essential for future success: without this knowledge in advance, there could be unforeseen expenses later on that impede profit growth.

- Know the legal requirements for opening an online clothing shop. For this we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of an expert who can advise you from the beginning.

- Inventory: You will need to buy inventory to sell in your shop, which will include clothing, shoes and accessories. You should carefully select the products you want to sell in your shop to make sure they appeal to your target audience.

- Equipment and furnishings: You will need to buy or rent hangers, cash registers, mirrors, lights and other equipment necessary for the operation of a retail shop.

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At this point, you've probably asked yourself: is it profitable to open a clothing shop? Yes, it is.  The idea of opening a clothing shop may seem crazy, but there is always an ideal time to start working on what you love.  If you want to keep your investment to a minimum, we recommend that you start by creating your own website and monetise your business with our licensed products. Now that you know how to open a clothing shop, get started and pursue your dreams.

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