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Strategies to increase your profitability with licensed products in your e-commerce

2 January 2024 / per Cerdá Group

Looking to boost your business's profitability? In this post, we explain how to do so by implementing 5 essential strategies. Ready to dive in?

    1. Incorporate licensed products into your business
    2. Exclusive Marketing
    3. Strategic Collaborations
    4. Licensed Collections
    5. Website Optimization

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1. Incorporate licensed products into your business

What is a license? In the context of products, a license refers to a legal agreement allowing a company or entity to use certain rights of a brand, character, design, or intellectual property from another company or entity.

One of the initial strategies to maximize profits with licensed products in your online store is choosing licenses that you know are relevant and popular, ensuring they resonate with your customers. Products licensed by Disney, Warner Bros, or Marvel are always a great choice, and at Cerdá, we understand this well, having worked with them for over 30 years.

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From backpacks, sneakers, hoodies, caps, pajamas, beauty products, and much more – all designed with beloved characters captivating kids, adults, and even pets. Bluey, Spiderman, Minnie, or Stitch are among those taking the world by storm. At Cerdá, we live and breathe the fan phenomenon at its fullest, and we want our customers to experience it with us. That's why, in addition to having an online store where your business can access our products 24/7, we also offer seamless integration of our catalog with your e-commerce platform.

Embrace the fan phenomenon in your business and seize the opportunity to access a devoted audience passionate about our products and their licenses.

2.  Exclusive Marketing

Executing effective marketing to highlight and promote licensed products is a great strategy to enhance their appeal.

Create visually appealing content such as videos, images, and social media posts that emphasize the emotional connection with the licensed brand. Utilize the compelling stories behind the products to engage your audience.

Marketing is crucial, yet working with licensed products often means they naturally attract attention. Develop audiovisual content for social media to promote them, leveraging the inherent allure of renowned licenses like Disney, which have such immense power that they practically sell themselves.


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We advise you to promote your e-commerce and the types of products you offer on your social media. It's not necessary to spend large amounts on marketing when the film industry already does it for you, consolidating the bond between people (potential customers) and the characters found on the backpacks, sweatshirts, or t-shirts you sell in your online store.

3. Unique products

As we already know, licensed products have great potential to boost the profitability of your e-commerce. One of the techniques that can work best is establishing strategic collaborations. This means exploring opportunities for exclusive partnerships with license holders, involving the development of unique products or limited editions available only on your digital platform.

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These collaborations can create significant interest and loyalty between your business and your customers, ensuring a more personalized and intimate customer experience.

With over 200 properties available to you, tell us what you're looking for! Our team will take into account your project, requirements, and technical needs to create a tailor-made project that will grow your business, ensuring all quality and delivery standards.

We're here to help!

4. Licensed collections.

Don't limit yourself to just one licensed product. Diversify your catalog to offer your customers a wide range of products.

Whether it's summer, back-to-school season, winter, or if you want to design specific products for a part of your audience, creating a collection is the best option. It helps organize your catalog, attract different customer segments, and boost sales.


Depending on the products and the customer base you want to target, you can create different types of collections, such as:

- Seasonal Collection: Organize products for different seasons of the year that reflect the spirit and theme of that particular season.

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- By product type: you've designed a beauty products collection or a backpack collection. You can create a catalog for each product group in your business.

- For target audience: design a collection for adults, for kids, or for pets. Each person has specific needs and desires for certain types of products, so bringing together all products that might interest them is an excellent option.

- By collaboration: If you work with licenses or other brands, you can create exclusive collections or categorize them by the type of brand or license you work with.

These are some ideas you can adapt to the nature and focus of your e-commerce, which will help increase your profitability. Enhancing the user experience through your online business will be more organized and enjoyable. It's bound to be a success!


5. Website optimization

Optimizing your website is crucial for your e-commerce, especially when selling licensed products. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Ensure the design is simple and navigation is intuitive for an excellent user experience.
  • Leverage licensing to enhance your SEO strategy. Use relevant keywords when describing products and content to improve your store's visibility on search engines, potentially boosting sales.
  • Highlight your work with licenses on the homepage to capture the attention of visitors and convert them into potential customers.
  • Integrate social media buttons for easy product sharing across platforms like Instagram or Facebook to encourage social engagement and expand your business's reach.
  • Simplify the purchasing process and ensure a user-friendly checkout. Reduce the number of steps needed for customers to complete a purchase, providing a smooth and reliable experience.

Remember to tailor these strategies to your e-commerce specifics and the licenses you're using. Stay updated on market trends and your customers' preferences to adjust your approach as needed.

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