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Kidults: what are they?

30 January 2022 / per Cerdá Group

The most common mistake of retailers is to disregard this sector, so we will talk about all the essential data about Kidults so that you can take them into account in your product inventory.

What are the Kidults?

A Kidult is a person who has a great fondness for his favorite cartoons, superheroes, collectible toys that can remind him of his childhood, and who buys clothes or accessories that have a design that is aimed primarily at young teenagers.
This niche market has people 20 years and older. There is no age restriction to be a Kidult, but people up to 55 years old have been buying toys to collect them.



How can we recognized a Kidult?

How do we recognize a Kidult? Well, it is difficult to say precisely how, because they may seem adults without any fondness for things for children, but the activities that identify them are:

  • The kidults line up to watch movies rated A and B: It can be to see the continuation of their childhood movie, to view the new of Disney or see the superheroes of Marvel and DC comics.
  • They wear clothes with youthful designs: The clothing with Star Wars designs are the ones usually used by the Kidults, but they can be of any cartoon, superhero, or a youthful design for people under 18.
  • The kidults buy accessories with youth designs: From the essential thing that is a phone case to a backpack or briefcase with a print of their favorite character.
  • They buy video games or toys: the most common of the Kidults are the videogames and their memories of the old consoles, and also buy all the toys they once used many years ago.

All the kidults do not necessarily have to meet all these characteristics, but just by doing one of these, you can recognize a Kidult. Not all people are equal and do not have the same level of fanaticism, or like the same things, everything will depend on the generation of who they are.

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Why Kidults are important for retailers?

Companies that manufacture clothes, toys, and movie character products want to catch the attention of young people and parents to generate much more sales. Many retailers, after drawing the children's attention, they have to call the parents attention too to sell the product.

If the same buyers of these products of characters and movies had money, the purchase would be direct, and you only have to get the attention of a single person, that is, the consumer. Kidults are the perfect consumers for these products because they have the interest and have the income to buy any product they want. It is why retailers should always have products aimed at the Kidults.



Important numbers from the Kidults sector

In 2018 it was recorded that 5.3% of the toys sold were for adults. The Kidults spent 62 million on toys for them; this has impressed many toy merchants because sales growth in this sector is advancing much faster than selling for children.

The majority of the Kidults are millennials (born between 1982, and 1995), then followed by generation X (born between 1969-1980) and finally the Baby boomers (born between 1949 and 1968). However, there are Kidults of the Z generation (born between 1994 and 2010) being the youngest among all generations, and almost all this generation of age is part of the Kidult sector.

Kidults and the superheroes

The sales of products related to characters from movies, series, or games increases when there is a premiere of these. Marvel-related products had an extraordinary increase in sales for the most anticipated film of all ages, "Avengers: End Game."

In other words, retailers must be attentive to all the premieres, because it can be an excellent opportunity to increase sales.

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