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Why you should include licensed products in your shop

6 February 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Cerdá strongly believes that is its quality. For this reason, it only provides licensed products for its customers. Let’s find out why licensed products are so important for your store.


What are licensed products?

Licensed products are always the result of a collaboration between two companies: usually, they are the company that owns the rights for a particular design (for example Disney, that owns the copyright on all the designs for Disney characters) and the manufacturer company.

Having a collaboration means that the copyright owner has given the manufacturer company the authorization to use their designs, drawings, images, and name characters to create products. In other terms, a company can’t create and sell a t-shirt with the Marvel logo, for example, if it doesn't have the authorization given by Marvel itself that allows them to create and sell that t-shirt.

When a product has this kind of permission, it is a licensed product.

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However, when we speak of licensed products we are also referring to top-quality products, as though an original license is also a synonym and guarantee of quality. Why is that so?


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Why are licensed products top-quality?

When a company like Disney, for example, decides to give permission to use their designs and character names, it also runs a check on what kind of products the manufacturer company is going to create. What kind of materials are they going to use? What kind of designs are they going to create?

A company like Disney doesn’t want poor-quality products to enter the market with their name on, so they make sure that every product that hits the market has the proper quality. This is why a licensed product is always top-quality and this is why, by providing your store and therefore your clients with licensed products, you are also providing them with the best quality options available on the market.


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What are the benefits of selling licensed products?

Quality isn’t the only benefit licensed products can provide to your business. Of course, it is one of the most important, and maybe the most important, but there are also other benefits in relying on licensed products wholesalers like Cerdá.


Position in the market

Licensed products help your store begin to be recognized and valued positively. This is also a great chance to stand out from the competition and build and strengthen your brand identity, where for brand identity we mean the identity of you as a store, an ecommerce, a point of reference for your clients.



Marketing optimization

When you sell licensed products, especially when those licenses come from well-known companies such as Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, and more (just like the ones you can find in the Cerdá’s catalogs and collections) you can exploit those companies' popularity and huge marketing strategies. Your marketing campaigns could never be as big and wide as those run by companies like Disney. Furthermore, when you sell original Disney products, you don’t need to market them: people all around the world already know who Mickey Mouse, Elsa from Frozen, and Grogu, The Child are!


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Emotional attachment

An original product generates a deeper emotional attachment than any other product. When you want to impress and retain clients you always need to focus on emotions. When your clients have an emotional response to your shop windows, shelves, furniture, and products, they are more likely to buy from you and to keep coming back.


Who can sell licensed products?

Anyone can sell licensed products - as long as they have a commercial license according to their country's laws and regulations. The ones who need to make sure their products have original licenses are the manufacturers' companies like Cerdá. They can do so, just like Cerdá has been doing for years, by finding collaborations and obtaining permissions and authorizations to use names, drawings, designs, and more…

When you need to purchase products for your stock, always make sure that you are relying on a wholesaler that only deals with licensed products, like Cerdá. This is how you can make sure you’re always providing the highest quality possible to your clients. This is also how you can exploit all the benefits provided by the licensed products we’ve discussed above.


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Most recommended licensed product wholesaler: Cerdá

Cerdá is one of the most recommended wholesalers when it comes to licensed products for many reasons.

First of all, Cerdá’s collaborations are so many that the company can provide licensed products designed on every trending character: Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Paw Patrol.. are only some of Cerdá’s collaborations.


Having worked in this field for over 35 years, Cerdá is also capable of providing a wide range of services for every kind of store: retailers, chains, large distribution, and ecommerces.

According to your needs, Cerdá is capable of providing:

  •   Licensed products in stock 24 hours per day and 365 days a year. The company creates, manufactures, and distributes licensed products based on original designs offering the option of cross-selling thanks to its wide range of product categories.
  •   Bespoke plans: Cerdá can customize its service according to your design, manufacturing, shipments, and logistic needs.
  • Technological tools: Cerdá also provides software tools that allow you to automatically integrate and update catalogs and stocks, create offers, check product availability, and more.


Discover Cerdá Services!


Cerdá is your distributor of licensed products.

Cerdá strongly believes that the number one rule for success, when it comes to business, it’s quality. You need to focus on the quality of every aspect of your business: the quality of the product you sell - and you can make sure to provide top-quality product when you sell licensed products - and the quality of your service - and you can make sure you offer top-quality service when you rely on a licensed products wholesaler like Cerdá.

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Products and Novelties Tips and Advice Licensing


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