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Character footwear: discover our new summer flip flops

25 January 2022 / per Cerdá Group

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The new summer 2022 collection is full of different products. Within this catalog, in the section dedicated to footwear, you will find a particular type of simple and comfortable footwear ... but which can prove to be very important for your sales. As a footwear wholesaler, we invite you to take a look to the new Cerdá summer flip-flops!


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Flip-flops: more than just slippers!

If in winter the flip flops are simple slippers useful for getting out of the shower or to use outside the pool, in the summer they become the most used shoes by everyone! No type of footwear gives you that feeling of comfort and freshness that flip-flops can give you in summer!

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In the season when we wear shorts and tank tops, flip-flops also become the perfect footwear for leaving the house, going for a walk, buying bread, visiting grandparents ... and if they are Cerdá children's flip flops, with cartoon characters, then flip flops become even fashionable!


Cerdá flip flops: not only for children

The flip-flops made by Cerdá are not exclusively aimed at an audience of children. Or rather, in addition to the children's collection, Cerdá also wanted to create a collection for adults, in the wake of kidult fashion and the growing interest that even the adult age group is showing towards cartoon characters, video games, and comics.

In addition to being different in size, Cerdá flip-flops for adults are different from those for children also in design. The characters loved by children are not the same as the ones preferred by adults. The most important example is given by the Pride collection: a collection that associates Mickey and Minnie with the colors of the rainbow flag in support of LGBT + rights: Cerdá products, including flip flops, are also dedicated to this line in their adult versions.


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Cerdá flip flops: models for children

In addition to the distinction between sizes for children and adults, Cerdá also made a distinction within the children's section. The designers took into consideration, in fact, the fact that very young children can have difficulty walking with slippers that have no support on the back of the heel. Cerdá has created special flip-flops for them with a heel strap. There are also clogs available that are even easier for toddlers to put on.


Cerdá flip flops: the characters

With the flip-flops and their designs, Cerdá was able to indulge himself: both the shape and the materials used for this type of product lend themselves to colorful, detailed, and lasting decorations. The surfaces to be decorated are large (the entire sole of the foot) so the Cerdá flip-flops are real illustrations dedicated to the favorite characters of children.



Summer flip-flops

For very young children's flip-flops (up to a size 29), Cerdá focused on all the characters followed in a preschool-age group: Baby Shark, Spiderman, Peppa Pig, and the Paw Patrol.

For sizes up to number 33, and therefore for slightly older children, Cerdá has also thought of Marvel superheroes, the Avengers team, Minnie Mickey - who is never lacking - and Frozen.

They are all great classics in the world of children's characters: intergenerational characters, known to all, who do not need the release of a film or cartoon to be or to be trendy again.


Visit our showroom and discover the Summer 2022 collection!


Children's flip flops: Harry Potter

Harry Potter is another character that can be counted among the classics. The other important feature of this character is that he is loved by young and adults alike. He is perhaps the only character for children that adults are more fond of than children. The Cerdá flip-flops dedicated to Harry Potter are for both adults and children.


Flip-flops for children and adults: Minnie and Mickey Mouse

As always, Minnie and Mickey deserve a separate paragraph. After all, there is a reason why these two characters are part of all Cerdá collections, regardless of the product, season and age group.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse have in fact the particularity of being able to be considered "evergreen": they never go out of fashion, they all know them, and are loved by both adults and children.

Furthermore, the designs are adaptable to different needs: more colorful for the little ones, sober but always fun for products for adults.

Versatility is also demonstrated by the Pride collection: Minnie and Mickey Mouse have been chosen as spokespersons for a very important message, the one associated with the rainbow flag and the fight for LGBT + rights.

The flip-flops of Minnie and Mickey Mouse are very numerous in the collection of flip-flops for children, but there are also among the flip-flops for adults, both within the Pride collection and outside.


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Star Wars

Staying on the Disney theme, Star Wars is another theme that has been very trending in recent years. After the films of the 80s that launched this trend, the world of Star Wars had gone by the wayside. However, when Disney bought the rights to produce new films dedicated to the saga, the old characters and the new ones returned to the fore.

Today, even children - who weren't born in the 1980s! - they know who the Stormtroopers or Darth Vader are.



Another important collaboration of Cerdá is that with Marvel. The House of Ideas is in fact the home of all the best known and most loved superheroes. These are the superheroes of the Avengers: Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and many others!


Again, the Marvel Multiverse movies have delivered the superheroes of the Avengers to audiences of all ages!


Lettering and logos

In addition to flip-flops, Cerdá produces and distributes normal slippers. The horizontal band above the foot offers great ideas for some very fun decorations. In children's models, they are used to add 3D elements such as Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears. In those for adults, they are the perfect space to affix logos that are always connected to the world of comic or movie characters: Marvel, Hogwarts, and so on…


Matching children's flip flops for the whole family

With the catalog of flip-flops for children that also extends to sizes and designs for adults, Cerdá offers you the opportunity to take advantage of another winning trend: that of clothing - in this case, footwear - coordinated for the whole family.


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Cerdá has already highlighted how much this trend is growing in this period, so much so as to push her to dedicate a specialized catalog.

As for children's flip-flops, inside you will find coordinated designs between the models for children and those for adults so that a whole family can choose their coordinated look for summer 2022!


Cerdá is your summer slippers wholesaler for children

Why is Cerdá the footwear wholesaler you should contact?

Thanks to his collaborations (Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter…) Cerdá has the original licenses to design, produce and distribute the products of the characters related to these production companies. The original license is very important for your customers because it guarantees - as well as originality, of course - also of quality. An original licensed product is not just any product that features a design reminiscent of that character, it is a product whose design has been approved by the production company that owns the rights to that character.

As a footwear wholesaler, all Cerdá designs conform to the originals! This is a quality service that, if you contact Cerdá, you can reserve for your customers. As all marketers teach, the most successful marketing and sales strategy of all is quality!


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Why can summer flip-flops increase your sales?

Let’s now take a moment to reflect on what kind of product have we discussed in this article. Flip-flops are mainly a summer trend, even though we all know that we have flip-flops at home even during winter and we use it when we have a shower, or do housework… and we all have flip-flops in our gym or pool bags!

This is to say that you shouldn’t limit yourself to thinking al flip-flops as merely a summer trend: people need flip-flops all year round.


Flip-flops are also products for the whole family, meaning that both children and adults have at still a pair or more. These are all factors that make the selling of flip-flops easier for both retailers and online stores.

Finally, we’ve spoken so far about flip-flops as an item that people only wear at home, but when flip-flops are colored and fun, and when it’s hot outside, people start leaving their house with flip-flops at their feet. This is another factor that can help increase your flip-flops sales as long as you have a colored and fun flip-flops collection to offer to your customers (it would be also important to differentiate your offer from all your competitors’). As we’ve learned in this article, you can count on Cerdá for the most trending flip-flops collection available for Summer 2022!


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Summer footwear for the success of your business

Other than letting you know everything about Cerdá’s new flip-flops collection (you can download the catalog here), you may also understand better now how a simple item like flip-flops that everyone has in their home - just because everyone, children and adults wear them almost every day during summer and winter - can become an important resource to your business and for increasing your sales.

With a footwear wholesaler like Cerdá, you are also updated on trends and how to exploit them!

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