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Novelties in Cerdá! Discover our new winter footwear collection

17 June 2021 / per Cerdá Group

If you’re an entrepreneur, whether you run a local or online business, for you the change of season is more than just a temperature shift! The new season requires small revolutions for a store: the items on the shelves (physical or virtual) must change with new trending products. It’s time to ask yourself whether fashion has changed and to find out what the market has to offer.

The offer of items for the new season is usually prepared in advance, and it can be a challenge for entrepreneurs: how to preempt the new trends of fashion? How do foresee what is going to happen next winter?

Cerdá is here to help: with their market surveys, flanked by knowledge and a thirty-year experience in the sector, Cerdá can understand the new trends in advance. During the years, the Cerdá team learned how to read the market based on what films are coming out, which ones have had the greatest success, and the ability to recognize classics that never go out of fashion.

The partnerships with big names of the sector, like Disney, Marvel, and Warner, allow Cerdá to have a deeper knowledge of the trending old and new characters, with privileged access to information and news. This is how Cerdá, as a footwear wholesaler, is ready to share the winter footwear collection for the next season!

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Cerdá: footwear distributors for all ages


Cerdá was born as a distributor of products aimed at children. However, over the years, trends have changed and the Cerdá style revealed itself to be suitable for an adult audience as well. This is why Cerdá's new winter shoe collection is aimed at all ages, with models and designs created for the different characteristics, needs, and tastes of children and adults.


Children winter shoes by Cerdá


The Cerdá style is easily adaptable to the preschool age. The collection of winter shoes aimed at children from 2 to 8 is rich with indoor and outdoor models and doesn’t neglect the youngest who are taking their first steps. Winter shoes are created to be suitable for the youngest main activities, and the choice of the characters focuses on the ones who are most loved at this age.

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Winter shoes for Teenagers

For teenagers - girls and boys from 8 to 16 - Cerdá created a collection that focuses on their needs: they are too old for superhero or Mickey shoes, but too young for the Kidult style.


For them, Cerdá provides a collection of slippers: everybody loves some nice slippers, and Cerdá gives them the chance of standing out of the crowd!


Winter shoes for adults

Adults have fewer difficulties than teenagers in showing their childish side. For them, the winter footwear collection from Cerdá provides slippers that they can wear at home.

Curious about the designs of the new winter shoe collection? Let’s take a closer look!


Licensed winter footwear collection


Winter shoes from Cerdá


Cerdá Slippers

As we’ve seen, Cerdá slippers are meant for both teenagers and adults. The availability of sizes and models is suitable for both age groups.


Cerdá provides two main models of slippers: traditional open slippers and a more peculiar version that resembles a boot.


The open slippers for adults and teenagers are created respecting the principles of quality that Cerdá is known for: they are provided with a soft inner sole for enhanced comfort, plus an outer sole that is highly resistant and anti-slip. The upper is made from polyester, a warm, soft, and waterproof material that is also suitable for being decorated and printed with bright colors and sharp images that are durable over time.


Besides the more simple models of the collection, you can also find slippers with a padded cover.


For the boots models, the same principles of resistance, comfort, and quality are applied with a double sole and a polyester upper. The boot is up to the ankle and some versions are also decorated with 3D elements.


Slippers for kids

For the smallest children, Cerdá created closed slippers that are more suitable for those who are just learning to walk.


Rain boots from Cerdá

Cerdá rain boots are included in the children's collection (from 2 to 8 years old). They are bright-colored rubber boots decorated with the children’s favorite characters from Frozen, the world of Peppa Pig, LOL Surprise and many more.


Cerdá sports shoes

Sports shoes from Cerdá are created in the sizes and designs that are most suitable for children- They are highly resistant, casual, and suitable for school, indoor and outdoor playing, long walks, and many other activities!


The rubber sole is thick and resistant, while the polyester upper is waterproof and durable. Durability is only meant as functional but it’s also aesthetic. Cerdá distinguishes itself for its designs dedicated to the children's favorite characters, they also pay a lot of attention to the durability of the designs, prints, and decorations. The characters from Frozen, Mickey, and all the most popular superheroes are durable, waterproof, and sun-resistant.


Some of the sports shoes are provided with LED lights on the sole that enlighten the way at every step. The majority of the models in the Cerdà winter shoe collection features both laces and straps.


Winter boots Cerdá

Cerdà winter boots are aimed at special occasions, even though the simple and fun style is also suitable for school during the coldest months.


Winter footwear collection for kids


Winter shoe collection: the characters

Thanks to Cerdá’s collaborations and partnerships with the most important creators of children's characters in the world, the Cerdá`s winter footwear collection is rich with famous and trending personalities.


The evergreens

Mickey Mouse and Minnie are a must in every Cerdá collection. They are known worldwide and they are also suitable for all ages. While they represent the innocence of childhood, they also represent the most playful and joyful side of every adult.


Disney characters

Cerdá’s collaboration with Disney has been going on for thirty years. From Mickey Mouse and Minnie, up to the world of Frozen, Cerdá collections include products with the children’s favorite Disney characters.

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Harry Potter

The world of Harry Potter attracts children and adults alike. Harry Potter is probably the only character that is more loved by adults than children and teenagers. Today’s young adults are the ones who grew up with this special wizard, and were witnesses of his birth and raise. That’s why Harry Potter Wizarding World has inspired winter shoes for children and - above all - those for adults.



Another important partnership of Cerdá is the one with Marvel. The world of Marvel offers a great selection of superheroes, and all of them are known and loved by children… and some adults too! Besides single superheroes - like the Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man - Marvel has brought to light the team of the Avengers, making these heroes even more powerful… and famous!


We also have superheroes of the DC Comics universe like Superman, Wonderwoman, and one of the all time favorites: Batman. The dark knight is still very popular between adults and children alike ¿Have you seen our Batman products?


For the smallest


When they are very young, children are attracted by very simple stories and drawings. This is the secret of the success of franchises like Peppa Pig and Baby Shark. The winter footwear aimed at the youngest are showing these characters, always respecting Cerdá’s principles of quality and durability.


As a footwear wholesaler, we know that with the new Cerdá Winter Shoe collection, your store is ready for the next season! Clothing, shoes, or giftware stores can now exploit the warranty of quality provided by Cerdà and its unique style! Download the catalog now!

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Products and Novelties Winter


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