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2020 Top products for kidults

27 January 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Children, adolescents, adults, workers, the elderly, no matter what label a person is given because of their age, the important thing is how they feel and if they like to feel that way, so if you want something for children, Cerda Group thought of you, the faithful Kidults who are looking for the news of their favorite childhood characters, and of the current ones that stole their hearts.


Kidults phenomenon

There are more the number of adults who leave behind the shame of using accessories of children's characters because everything is a matter of attitude, tastes, and pleasures, like the one we have to meet their expectations and offer them the best products.

The kidults are people over 20 who use, collect, enjoy, and keep alive the memory of the characters that accompanied them in their childhood and those who attend them in the progress of their lives. Many times they are confused as people who behave like children when they lead an adult life but still having fun with a video game or a class A movie that is suitable for all audiences. Mostly, products for kidults have a geek feeling and you have to take into account the importance of kidults in your business. 


Products for kidults

We have Disney character accessories. The characters of this amazing company are the most loved ones because those who grew up watching these movies or saw their children grow with them, remember the happy and positive moments they lived at that time, and having them close is a way to recreate that times.

Carry a backpack of Mickey or the Lion King makes them feel happy. And we have not only that but also hats, travel backpacks, key chains and more. We have products for kidults with images of Disney classics that never go out of style like Mickey and Minnie, as well as Star Wars after the successful premiere of episode IX.


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Many followers of this saga love to use accessories of the characters because it is one of the films whose special effects were a significant advance in their childhood, a whole magic, and the continuation of its story with new characters, better outcomes, and the new and old elements are nothing more than a huge feeling that to express them there are no limits, are you ready to join the Cerdá Group side?

We know that you connect with them in some way because it also happens to us. We understand you, as well as, we know that in the variety there is the key, not many people like to use the image of their characters on their shirt, but in Some detail or accessory.


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That is why we have the Lifestyle By Me segment, in which you will be able to decorate a generic design backpack or whatever you want! that will give your personality life without extravagance. You can create a retro style that is widely used by millennials today, those who grew up with cartoons. You adjust these backpacks, and we just put our hands to work.

You, who have responsibilities, also require a purse in which you keep the checkbook, cards, tickets, among other things, and we have them from elegant to casual designs, you choose and enjoy.


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Using these accessories is just a matter of attitude and personality, it is not immaturity, but happiness for reliving memories of experiences you once enjoyed. Do not forget to visit our web page because every season of the year we bring new things for you kidults, and do not forget to check our catalogs because the variety of accessories is large.


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Disney products


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