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Meet the new designs of 3d backpacks. The most fashionable for children!

5 February 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Imagine how successful your sales will be when children see that the trend is 3D backpacks; in this way, parents will notice the joy of their children by feeling their favorite character up close.


Parents will line up for their children

Your store will never be empty because there will be parents wanting to command, surprise, and cheer up to their children, our main niche, and our reason to continue working. We have the authentic licensed products for each of their tastes that will cause long lines in your shop because, more than a logo, we offer identity.


Check out our new licensed 3D products

Have you ever seen backpacks with legs and arms? Here we have them for the little ones of the house. These bags of 300X230X130MM, more than a safe container of objects, becomes the best friend of children to resemble a stuffed animal thanks to the soft texture that gives it its resistant material, 67% polyester and 33% EVA.

It is a good type of backpack for that moment in which they begin to leave the house to meet new people and environments, the kindergarten. It will make them feel more comfortable and less shy when it comes to interacting with others because they can hug them to gain security. Among those we have are Mickey, Minnie and, everyone's best friend, Spiderman.

CERDÁ_Image_blog_post 730x300 (34)

Different place, curious children, new favorite characters, and a brand new backpack. The characters we have are so varied that you will have no choice but to add them all to your store; one will like you better than the other, believe us. Mickey and Minnie, Marvel superheroes, Peppa Pig, Harry Potter, Frozen, Minions, Lol Surprise and more, are the protagonists.

The measures of the backpacks range between 250X310X100MM and 260X310X100MM and are mostly 65% ​​polyester with 35% EVA or 57% polyester, 33% EVA and 10% PET. The attraction of all is the 3D trend. You can visually feel that the characters come out of the bag because they are more padded than the rest of the design; Do not you feel that Iron-man's fist is about to come out?

The colors are bright and vivid; some are neutral or slightly bright like metal and have a central compartment, a bottle bra and padded strips. But there are Premium designs that stand out for having glitter and sequins for fashion girls and a metallic material for little heroes. Besides, we have some trolley backpacks for kids with these designs.

Elementary school children will have 300X410X115MM and 310X410X115MM backpacks with three compartments, a large one for the notebooks, a smaller for breakfast, or other smaller items that they require and one for the bottle. In the second compartment there is a padded relief that gives volume to the characters, such as the chest of Spiderman and Batman, the faces of the Trolls, the shield of The Avengers and the 4 houses of Harry Potter.


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Not everything is classes. Girls love to go out, have a little fun and glitter, we mean, look fashion, right? In this section, the designs are more symbolic because they make more reference to a movie than characters, although there are exceptions. 

    We offer you bags with different shapes and designs that drive any girl crazy such as our bags in the form of a poisoned apple, the 9 ¾ station, the 4 houses of Howards, the rock painting of Simba, the hand of Mickey, and the loop of Minnie. We know that you recognize them. While those of the characters are about the Donald Duck and Stitch, all made with leatherette.

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Boys and girls can go out and protect themselves from the sun with style and authenticity by wearing Elsa's braid in the case of girls or a The Avengers style in the case of boys and more characters. You can find caps of 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and some with the combination of both. Also, there are unisex models such as Harry Potter

Cerdá is always innovating and offering new products to help you increase your store’s sales. Do not miss all our novelties in our page!


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Products and Novelties back to school


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