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How to adapt the showcase of your shoe store. One for each season of the year!

3 February 2020 / per Cerdá Group

That is why it is so important to get a nice, colorful showcase that attracts customers. If you don't know how to get it, don't worry! From Cerdá Group we are going to give you some key tips so you can get the perfect showcase. Go ahead, keep reading!

What decoration to use in each season?

The shoe stores should enhance their showcase according to the season of the year, if they are sales, if there is any special promotion... This is undoubtedly the best claim to be able to capture the attention of the consumer.

In spring and summer, for example, the placement of shoes in the store has to introduce, at first sight, those shoes that are associated with summer, such as flip flops, canvases or flip flops.

In winter, the main decoration will be the most casual, water or trekking boots, plush slippers... all those shoes that are associated with the heat and the feeling of warmth. In addition, it will be time to include other accessories such as umbrellas, hats, neck panties, gloves...

Autumn is the time to introduce the closed shoes, but without being excessively warm.


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How to make my storefront more attractive

Colors are the main weapon of any decoration for modern shoe stores. Striking colors, but not strident, attract the attention of consumers and, at the same time, cause a feeling of happiness that motivates the purchase or, at least, to continue looking at the shoes we have inside.

The showcase is also the ideal place to encourage cross-selling and thus increase the profits of your store. In summer, for example, caps, towels, swimsuits or sunglasses are very colorful, interesting and fun products, which facilitate the decoration of the shop window and give it more light. Backpacks, bags or shoulder bags are another option that captures customer attention with ease. At the same time, sales increase, since, although shoes are the main protagonists, customers will end up acquiring some of the other products.


How to get more sales

This is when psychology is the best factor to consider. What we sell children's shoes. And who do we sell them to? Well to the children. Yes it is! The windows of children's stores have to be focused on children. And the reason is none other than those who, if the showcase catches their attention, let their parents know, insist they want it and end up, happy, running around like never better, a child with new shoes.

To get everything to go as expected, it is essential to place in the window the children's shoes and accessories with their favorite characters, those that are more fashionable, and the most desired by all. Disney licensed products offer all these possibilities; quality, topicality and the presence of the best-known Disney family members.

Mickey and Minnie Mousse, Cars, Spiderman, Disney princesses, The Avengers... but also new characters like L.O.L Surprise, Fortnite...

As distributors of products with children's licenses, in Cerdá we are constantly updating our catalog, incorporating the latest market news.

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Point of Sale Tips and Advice


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