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Magic returns with our new Harry Potter Stationery Products

8 July 2020 / per Cerdá Group

After vacations, every child demands new and exciting stationery to fill their pencil box and bag, so it's time to fill or renew your store shelves with exciting magical Harry Potter Stationary products.

Harry Potter is the favorite character of children, teens, and adults. Everyone wants the colors and magical character fun in their life, and stationery products are everyday use items. For this reason, at Cerda, we delight our customers with the best Magical stationery products.


Cerdá Magical Character Stationery Designs

Bring the joy of the Magical World to every day with one of our Harry Potter stationery items.  This collection includes exclusive Notebooks, Pens, Pencils, Quills, and more!

We have many varieties of designs and colors of Harry Potter stationary Products. They are made from best and approved materials. Don't wait to grab your magical product right now!


Harry Potter Stationery Set

The school days will be magical; your house dwarves will be able to write magic Hogwarts letters with everything that is to come from Harry Potter stationery. The Harry Potter stationary set is the best thing for a birthday gift; it's a great item to attract your customers. These magical sets consist of box packing and have a harry potter accessories such as A5 size notebook, a harry potter pen, adhesive notes, and clip binders. If you bring this set for your kids, their school days will be magical; your little ones will be able to write magic Hogwarts letters with everything that is to come from the Harry Potter stationary sets. 

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Harry Potter Pens

Harry Potter pens are an attraction for customers of all ages. They love to write Hogwarts and magical letters with Parry Potter pen. So, it would be best if you bring a harry potter pen set to your shop.

In our catalog, you will find a new range of Harry Potter pen set, Pen set pack X6, and it seems a magical stick. Material is 100% plastic, and pen is available in six different colors of inks, such as blue, black, yellow, red, and green.


Harry Potter Notebooks

Kids have special affiliation with Hogwarts notebooks. They are aesthetic as well as never go out of trend. At Cerda, we have an exciting range of Harry Potter notebooks, available in various patterns and colors. You can pick your favorite magical notebook for school or home notes. They are available in A5 size and their material are paper, plastic, polyester and synthetic leather. 

At Cerda, Premium notebooks, including Harry Potter sign made from bellybands, are also available. They are available in two colors, golden and black. Pop colors such as red, white, and gray are also available.

So grab your Harry potter notebook set to inspire your customers who are eagerly waiting for Harry potter stationery products.



Harry Potter Adhesive Notes

Adhesive notes are everyday stationery used for remembering important notes. Adults also use sticky notes to remember and making notes for their business. It would be best if it has some favorite characters fun. Bring new Harry Potter adhesive notes from Cerda and complete your little one pencil box with magic and illusion. They will love these Harry Potter personal stationery products for sure!

Characters play an essential role in our lifestyle. Harry Potter is an awesome magical series that is always loved by everyone. Everyone wishes he or she could do magic in their life to solve their problems and fulfill their dreams in a few seconds. We can bring Harry potter magic and illusions in our daily life by renovate our accessories and play with characters and colors. So wait is over! Cerda solved your problem now; you can bring Harry Potter magic in your life and inspire your clients with Harry Potter stationery and accessories.

A magical path that we can cross from our own home to a wonderful fantasy world. Don't miss all of Cerdá's products and enjoy twice the beautiful and magical adventures of Harry Potter accessories. 

Cerda knows the importance of attracting your potential clients, and for this reason, we always offer you the best products and best qualities. Discover all the stationery designs that we offer you to fill the stock of your store. Contact with us!


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Products and Novelties back to school


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