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How to attract customers and increase your foot store traffic

13 July 2020 / per Cerdá Group

In the world of competitors, you have to stand on the crowd, and you can make a difference by acting on some economical techniques that attract the customers. Pushing profits and sales is possible with the right strategy!

At Cerdá we are continuously searching new ways to help you increase traffic to your stores. Keep reading and discover how you can do it!


Some creative ideas to attract your customers

There are many economic strategies to attract new customers to our foot store. However, when we think of proximity stores, we need offline strategies to help us attract people interested in our products near our business so they can become repeat customers. These are some great ways to attract customers and boost your foot store traffic.


Make a Great Window Display

A well-designed window display seeks a potential client’s attention. Your window display must be your invitation to the spectators. Be creative and play in your window display. If your shop is on a popular location where a great number of people come to get shoes, then you should work on your display to get more foot store traffic. Make your display colorful and create a story that’s tells everything. Don’t forget to work on lighting, and it can provide the aesthetic look of your shop as well as boost your foot store traffic.

*Pro Tip: Update your window Display regularly and update products to engage customers.


Promotions and discount offers

Promotions and discount offers attract customers a lot; this technique never fails. Think about the time and occasion which is coming, such as Christmas, summer season, Easter Mother’s day, etc. and announce sales and deals on the products that you want to sell more.

  •     Pair your articles with different accessories like matching character socks, patches, pins, backpacks to attract your customers.
  •     Promote your deals and discount on social media with brooches and coupon codes. For example, announce “Charistmis20” as coupon code for shopping, and you will get 20% off on selected items. It is all about applying the logic of the consumer. There are no secrets about it!
  •         Create a difference. Announce discounts and deals that are different from your competitor. Make promotions and deals that are easy to understand and never go out of the client’s budget. Some customer’s purchase when stores announce sales and deals. So be careful and try to understand the client’s needs and set apart from the competitor. 


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Keep it fun and interactive

A unique way to interest millennial customers is to make the game interactive, fun, and exciting. You can associate them with your store directly using more traditional marketing methods, providing your potential customers with an unforgettable and relevant experience with the store.


Be in all the communication channels 


Have Online Presence

Cerdá urges you to give online services to your products. Such initiatives will not only get people to your physical location, but they can potentially increase sales in the process. Many people first look catalog online and explore what’s new in the store and then decide about buying the article.

Set up an ecommerce website that showcases your catalog and allows people to browse and buy. This not only gives you more chances to increase sales but also can increase brand awareness and increase foot traffic.


Create the perfect link between the store and online and experience

You can create a platform in which, after winning the prize online, your customers will have to come to the store to receive it. By leading them to exchange vouchers for free goods, you significantly increase the attendance of your store.


Make customer loyalty a bigger focus

Your foot traffic strategy should not be just about getting new people into your store. Make sure you focus significantly on getting your potential customers back.

Buyers not only want to buy goods and receive information about your store and product but also want to be noticed as a buyer and have something special.

You can design cards, special discounts, promotions each month for your loyal customers. When customers come to your store, treat them like guests guide them about their needs and best products. The goal is to make them feel special, not only to generate sales.


 In summary, there are many ways to attract customers to your business quickly. However, having a good stock and a quality product from a distributor will be the icing on the cake to maintain your new customer base. Cerdá is always giving you the best tips to increase your store traffic and increase sales, do not miss all the our licensed products and make your business grow with Cerdá. 


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