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How to use licensing products to increase your online sales?

24 June 2020 / per Cerdá Group

It is familiar with many manufacturers not being in a position to define a licensed product, although they do product licensing.

Product licensing is a process that involves two institutions:  the licensor and licensee. The licensor has the right to particular intellectual property while licensee produces goods using the intellectual property offered by the licensor through the license agreement. With a product license, one can optimally utilize the intellectual property to create branded products, mainly for a specific period.

The most successful business promoters are those that directly link the business promotion efforts to increasing online sales. They understand that the most preferred strategy can unveil new consumer interaction and convert new customers. And one of the most incredible strategies is the use of licensed products.


How licensed products increase online sales

There are several strategies you can apply for your store in order to sell more. With licensed products you will obtain fast results in the long run, if you make the right selection about characters and trends. As an experienced wholesaler, Cerdá with its 45 years of operation, offers for your success the best characters with the most demanded licences. 

You make take care of three important things and you will surely increase your sales thanks to licensed products: 

  • Take advantage of cross sales with licensed products.
  • Design a visible and attractive station
  • Differentiate your business from your competitors thanks to children’s characters

Are you gonna miss this opportunity? Increase your sales with licensed products!


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Advantages of using licensing products in your online store

It creates new business opportunities

Offering licensed products in your online store is one way to reach more audiences than you are currently doing. The demand for licensed products has only increased in recent years, so expanding your offer with these products will undoubtedly be a new business opportunity that will make your sales increase.

Maximize profitability

Licensing can be applied to any product and it begins to be a marketing tool in the most diverse sectors. These are the most frequent uses of licensing are stationary products, textil and complements and backpacks.

Brand recognition 

By choosing a brand of considerable symbolic value, consolidated in the market, you can expect instant recognition for the products and appreciation for consumers, in addition to the inevitable association with the values ​​of the licensed brand. 


Here are some brand licenses that are most in-demand.

The Walt Disney Company

Which is the world's first in brand licensing. In 2015, the company gained a massive $72bn in retail sales. It's contributed a minimum of $23.9 billion to the business over the past five years.


In 2015, the highest licensed property in Meredith was better homes and gardens. Among its top three licensed products are real estate, garden decoration software, and the house and gardens under its flora system. The company valued $20.1billion.

PVH’s brand collection

Including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and heritage Products Company, gaining $18 billion in 2015 global retail revenues. Calvin Klein raised an impressive revenue figure that collected about $8 billion, around 75% of the cash from approved brands.


Tips to take advantage of licensing products to increase online sales

All types of enterprises, big and small, can use licensing to grow their business. Many artists and designers have expanded their companies through licensing their artwork into home decor, greeting cards, and stationary markets.


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Publishing firms have built considerable brand awareness among their readers and may use licenses in categories such as art or clothing to tap into this. Videogames firms, college sports labels, and apparel brands have followers and customers, and thus the market value is channeled into a lucrative licensing scheme.

In Cerdá you will find a perfect partner to make good relationship. With our products you will maintain standards and quality and you will always have access to a wide range of catalogues always in constant innovation.. 

Are you wondering who can license you? We are always ready to work with our client in brand licensing. In Cerdá we can offer you a wide range of licensed products. Discover all our novelties that we can permit you to help us sell as you make money.


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Tips and Advice Online sales Licensing


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