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New L.O.L surprise backpacks to shine by Cerdá

14 July 2019 / per Cerdá Group

What is the L.O.L fan phenomenon?

The fan phenomenon of the moment on licensing is L.O.L Surprise. These dolls are characterized by intrigue and the characters they depict generate great excitement for kids. A wide variety of doll models have been launched on the market, including a series of L.O.L.merchandising that includes all kinds of items, from caps to apparel, school items and also the backpacks.

The L.O.L’s toy has a surprise egg made up of layers that when unwrapped gives a secret message that provides clue about the doll’s club. This usually includes some stickers, clothes, shoes, a feeding bottle, a surprise accessory and, lastly, the toy inside a golden ball. Kids want to see or own different models of L.O.L dolls. With this in mind, inside each surprise ball, you can find a doll that cries, one that spits, and even one that goes to the bathroom.


How to increase your sales with L.O.L Surprise products

The rule of any market is to pay attention to what your consumers or buyers request for. Since kids are those who largely benefit from L.O.L products, they tend to like the latest dolls, backpacks and other fashionable items.

With their fashion trend in mind, you can take the advantage of their high demand by personalizing what they like or by getting a distributor of the official products that serves you with quality and exclusive products that meets the expectation of your little buyers. Again, take advantage of the demand for products. This eventually leads to an increase in sales with L.O.L. 


L.O.L. Surprise backpacks by Cerda

As you may know that backpacks are really not different from bag, but they have become trendy due to the comfort children derive when they carry it to school, take it on a journey or go hiking. Young ones enjoy owning items like this, hence the personalization by Cerdá.



At Cerdá group we distribute children character licenses, and also design and manufacture products that are in vogue and best-selling characters of the moment. If you ask a kid which bag he would choose between the Mickey Mouse bag and the regular bag, there is 80% chance he/she would go for the Mickey Mouse bag. Why? Though old, it greatly excites this kids that they can relate with something they have probably watched or seen.

Same goes for our products, the L.O.L surprise backpacks attracts a big deal of customers on a regular basis to your store, edge your competitions, and also make your business highly profitable.

There are a lot of backpacks with different designs, weights and compositions. The latest fashion is to create stunning backpacks characterized by bright colors and brightness. The incorporation of glitter, pompoms and metallic-looking fabrics are undoubtedly one of the trends of the moment.



In Cerdá you can find casual fashion backpacks by L.O.L Surprise metallised in what the highlight is the inclusion of the upper part of the dolls (recognizable meters away!) In our L.O.L Surprise product catalogue we have a similar model but in blue.

Other designs are much more innovative and mix the black with the gold in a light pattern of chains. If you are looking for something more classic, offer in your store the pink backpack L.O.L Surprise with glitter and a pom pom. Here the dolls are applied with graffiti format!

Take advantage of the opportunity and high demand for these products in your store and succeed as a retailer! We know the licensing sector with an experience of more than 45 years. If you need advice to increase sales or manage your stock properly, count on us.


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Products and Novelties


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