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7 visual merchandising tricks to increase your sales

21 July 2019 / per Cerdá Group


Talking about merchandising, which is more effective?

Visual merchandising is displaying products in a way that makes them visually desirable and it is the most effective of all merchandising. This deals with the sense of sight and every good thing appeals to the eyes. Take for example, adding to your stock, licensed kids’ product like footwear with illustrations from the latest cartoon and movie characters. Below are 7 visual merchandising tricks to increase your sales:


Take advantage of cross sales with licensed products.

Licensed products include T-shirts, footwear, bag and umbrella. Complimenting these products will grow cross sales. This would have a whole deal of influence of your customer’s cart without you forcing it. Take for example, a mother who brought her son to your store in order to get a Spiderman bag. As he finally picks one where a little note is attached, “Pick me and get a Spiderman T-shirt and Spiderman sneakers for extra few bucks.” With this, the boy and the mother would gladly pick the bag which both benefits them and the seller.


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Differentiate your business from your competitors

Licensed kids products have a huge potential market. Brands like Disney and Universal design marketing campaigns for visual merchandising retail without receiving a penny. Think about it. Children and teenagers have great excitement for cartoons and animations and this greatly influence their parents’ purchase decision. Cerdá as a designer and manufacturer, develop top quality, trending, and high-demand items. You can always expand your portfolio with Cerdá. Licensed products are purchased in the wake of achieving an exciting experience as emotion is sometimes involved when it comes to purchasing.


Design a visible and attractive station

There is more to what we buy that just buying. More often than none, we do purchase what we believe is more appealing to our view. This phenomenon is true and not biased as confirmed by visual merchandising norms. Have your store with your best product located in a high traffic zone. Draw customers by filling up your store with their preferences and by designing your store to suit their taste. By designing or structuring, be artistic with how you group your items. By grouping, maybe bags with illustrated characters and its complements, main product can be highlighted taking advantage of a potential cross sale.


Promotions, the most succulent attraction technique

Nobody wants to miss out on giveaways, slashed prices or promotional offers. If there is one thing that attracts customers, it is promotions. Getting promotions like the famous 2x1 or 3x2 helps even the smallest of businesses. Correctly knowing how to put this strategy up gets you more sales and more profit. 2x1 looks more of a visual retail tip.


Using state of the art designs like 3D, Decorations and Lighting

Envision a store with proper lighting and decorations beside a store that barely looks like one due to negligence. You know which one you’d like to shop in. This is possible because without lighting, visual merchandising in maybe, apparel retailing wouldn’t be possible. Fashion retailers now go to the extent of using computer softwares to even adjust how bright the lightings are. This would help drive a lot of sales.


Photography, brand image graphics and signage

Displaying colorful, bold text across your window is a visual merchandising retail trick. Graphics, signage and photography are used in window to send information to customers on new offers, discount, promo, latest products and brand image.



It is hard to leave out color because it is one powerful tool in exterior visual displays. By-passers, by just seeing a store or window with their favorite color could create feelings and emotions that stimulate memories. It is another good tip in visual merchandising.

Our hard-working spirit only hopes to expand our horizons on new and unsuspected roads, keeping our values true to our identity. In the end, it all comes to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. Come join us into this adventure!


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Point of Sale Tips and Advice Online sales


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