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Disney sunglasses for kids: never seen!

9 July 2019 / per Cerdá Group

At Cerdá Group, as distributors of children's accessories, we are very aware of this and we want the best for our customers, so we have expanded our sunglasses section with everyone's favourite characters. So go ahead this summer, boast Disney sunglasses while you enjoy the highest possible protection!


Sunglasses for boys, girls (and adults!)

Age does not matter, since both adults and children, from six months of age, should wear sunglasses that protect their eyes from exposure, even on cloudy days. But in addition, we wanted to make it possible for them to be the perfect accessory for both parents and children to wear the most cute, beautiful and fashionable Disney sunglasses with an elegant design and excellent quality.

On our website you can find everything you need to make your store have the best Disney sunglasses for dads, moms and children to become the superheroes of the house or the most adorable characters in history like Mickey or Minnie - now it's possible. Fill your shelves with them!

Cerda glasses


Sunglasses by Mickey and Minnie

The classics never die! The two most famous mice in the universe are still the favourite look in children's glasses. Children and adults love them, so we have included a variety of models to choose from, adding the characteristic bows in Minnie’s sunglasses combining her colours with red and black tops, in the shape of hearts, etc. There is also a set of Minnie glasses for children and adults. And, as you would expect, the same number of available models can be found in the fantastic Mickey pair, in red, white or black.

Mickey could not be left out among our Disney sunglasses. Our designs combine the colours red and black and the detail of the buttons with another more modern model with a pattern of the face of the magical mouse.


Frozen, Spiderman and Star Wars sunglasses

Fashionable children's characters are at your disposal on our website. We offer you multiple models so that you can offer your customers the maximum possible variety and for that reason we could not forget about Frozen, Spiderman or Star Wars.

Our set of Star Wars sunglasses for parents and children are a great gift idea. Your customers can not resist combining children's fashion with adult fashion to be go everywhere. It is a classic aviator model with the logo and the inscription of the rebel alliance.

Cerda glasses


Princess Elsa also has her place among our Frozen sunglasses for girls. A model designed with classic colours and the image of the protagonist that will surely leave you frozen and will be the ideal accessory for the little ones!

We can also highlight the Spiderman sunglasses with different designs. The classic cobweb of Peter Parker appears in each with highlights in blue, red and black. The little ones will feel invincible for the day and can combine them with our textile and footwear line of the mythical Spiderman.

At Cerdá Group we work with many items for children, adolescents and adults. Those who want to immerse themselves in the world of characters can find in our catalogue, in addition to this sunglasses pack, other licensed products for adults such as backpacks, key chains or beauty products from other Disney characters such as Avengers, Donald, Toy Story or Cars, among others.

Take advantage of this opportunity to cross-sell and trust the experience and advice of Cerdá professionals!

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Disney products Products and Novelties


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