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Novelties in cerdá! all you must know about our new licensed socks collection

15 July 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Feet are a sensitive part of the body. We have to warm and protect it from cold, so cover it with cozy socks is the ultimate solution. Socks protect your feet from cold and help you to walk comfortably. Whatever the season is, you have to wear socks with shoes for sure. It absorbs sweat and protects your feet from dust and bacteria. For this reason, we advise you to take a look at the new licensed socks in our winter catalog.

You have endless choices for socks available at Cerdá. Pick the latest and in-fashion socks for your little buyers.

Licensed socks: make everyday life more fun

We offer you a large assortment of fun socks that will undoubtedly be a success. From The Mandalorian to ACDC.  You can enjoy taking your favorite characters with you always, and showing them to everyone. 


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The latest fashion trends helps us with this product. Currently, the latest trends teach us that it is fun and cool to wear the socks well visible. Young people and adults no longer want to always wear boring and traditional socks, they like to change. Why not do it with licensed socks? 

Licensed socks are the best gift

Licensed socks can be the best gift a good friend.  Do not hesitate to prepare the stock of your store with these original socks and offer your customers the best products that will make you increase sales. 

Explore our new socks collection. Adult character prints socks like Friends Socks, ACDC Socks, Socks pack Fortnite are the best choice for adults. They never go out of trend and available in both dark and light shades. So you cannot miss it because these are the most bought by adults. 


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The most demanded licenses are in Cerdá

Harry Potter and Mandalorian character printed Socks

We know that each taste is different, and we know that Boys mostly like Harry Potter and The Mandalorian character, so we have Harry Potter and Mandalorian character printed Socks for them. They are available in both anti slip socks and 3 Pack socks.  They are the trendiest socks now. It would be best if you did not miss them to add to your list.

All the licenses you dream of

Do not forget to have fun with footwear and socks on their adventures with our awesome and cute licensed socks. Buy Disney Characters printed socks like Mickey, Minnie, and some adult characters like Friends, Harry Potter socks set, and inspire your customers with exciting winter collection. You can add them as an accessory if you have a foot store. Your client will love your creativity, for sure!

As you have seen, Cerda offers you a wide variety of children's socks and adult socks. Don't miss out on all these amazing designs. Your clients will love them! 


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Products and Novelties


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