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6 mistakes to avoid when designing your store showcase

20 July 2020 / per Cerdá Group

A well design showcase can make a difference. It can either drive traffic to your store or may lower the sales. So you have to pay keen attention while designing your store showcase, it should be sale friendly. 

If you are revamping your store showcase, at Cerdá we wanna take you through some retail design mistakes to avoid when getting your store designed. 


Poor Lighting

Poor lighting is a very common mistake in designing of the showcase. Many retailers do it for cost reduction and set lower quality lights. It can ruin your sales because bad lighting not only masks your display but disappoints your customers too!


Designing randomly with setting target Market

Without setting your target market, your effort to make an attractive showcase is useless. Before visual merchandisers, you have to plan for showcase and understand the main purpose of your store. Because same kind of visuals does not work for all stores, it varies from space to space. If you ignored this step, many customers of your target market may not even glance at your products or may not bother to enter your store.


Disorganized traffic flow

An unorganized flow of traffic is common in retail stores. This interferes with the client's experience in your store. Narrow and twisted walkways are common in retail outlets with poor traffic. In such a space, buyers do not spend much time in the store researching or even buying.


Not enough and wrong storage space

Without proper planning and calculating how much stock you value for sales, you might run into problems getting too big or too small a retail store. A worthy store designer can advise you on this. Also, the purchase of shelving and merchandising racks that look good but are not functional is another "no" - allow professionals to offer the best.


Neglecting the checkout area

The checkout area is one of the most significant sections in your store, arguably as important as the door your client's walkthrough. Many store owners forget that the box office is one of the most important design hurdles of the entire store. They suggest that as soon as the buyer gets to the place, he has a sale in the literal sense, but this is not always the case. Crowded or cluttered outlets are a nuisance and do not give the buyer a good last impression of the store. Retail designers will give this area the attention it deserves.


Insubstantial Display

Many retailers make this mistake and put many products on the shelves without proper organization and planning. It will create a messy look, and your entire display look hurts. You should make a distance between sale products and other regular products and courteously arrange them. Otherwise, your customers can lose their interest and walk away without buying anything from you. 



Tips to make attractive store showcase

Creative showcase: be creative and playful while designing your store showcase. Work on the window and create a story that attracts clients. So, an original exhibition can be very useful not to bore the customer and attract more people.

Hire the best designer: You can hire a designer to help you design a good traffic flow that improves the customer's experience in your store. He will determine the best location for shelves, display tables, and racks to offer a smooth flow to your store. A smooth flow of traffic improves the customer shopping experience and boosts your store sale.

Announce promotions and deals: announce special event discounts and deals for your loyal customers such as 20% off on Christmas, buy one get one, etc. It is a winning technique to boost your store sale. 

Regularly update your Window display: Don't think once you have made a great showcase, it will be everlasting. People search for something new and exciting, so regularly update your showcase and products to engage your customers.

Work on lighting: lighting can boost your customer mood and change your store's luck. Install some pendants and aesthetic lighting to create an impressive look for your showcase. Avoid glaring or too much bright light; it can hurt the customer's eyes and leave a wrong impression.

Organize products: Do the proper setting of your store products; sale products should be separate from other items. And price tags before and after should be mentioned with each product it will help customers decide to buy quickly.  


Cerdá Group is always searching for new ways to help our clients increase their store traffic and a good way of doing it is taking care of you store showcase design. If you avoid these mistakes,  you can grab a lot of traffic and make some clients forever.   




Point of Sale Tips and Advice


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