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22 December 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Accessories with Disney characters, superheroes like Batman or famous characters like Harry Potter or The Lion King.

Cerdá Group wants to get ahead of their needs and has impress her younger audience again with its collection of purse business Card Holder and purse coin with Disney designs and famous movie characters. The Kidult’s is the niche market that has grown the most in the recent decades, and are the main consumers of these purses.


Design classification

Cerdá Group thinks in all kind of styles and ages because when we talk about women's accessories, we talk about a million styles. It is why all the Cerdá collections are the most sought after in the entire market because they have all the styles most found after by girls today. The main designs of our purse collection are classified by:


Mickey & Minnie

These are the most representative Disney characters, and they are the ones that teenage usually are looking for or a kidult fan of Mickey and Minnie. There are many purses of these characters in the market, but the significant advantages that make Cerdá Group's designs much better are:

  • They have models that don't care about age, can be used whenever.
  • Many models are compact, and there are measures from 90X90X25 MM to 150X110X25 MM.
  • They have purses with different uses, such as Card Holder and purse coin.
  • The most massive purse has 140 grams, and one of the lightest has 70 grams.
  • There are models with the classic Mickey pants and simpler models with the name of Mickey or Minnie.



Harry Potter

This Saga of magic and fantasy movies created a new trend called the "Potterheads" and is about Harry Potter fans. These fans need to have all the articles, accessories, clothes, or books related to this series of movies, directly related to the protagonist Harry Potter or the main actors. The principal features of this collection with Harry Potter is:

  • There are excellent designs with the Gryffindor shield, the Hogwarts seal, the 9 ¾ station, and much more. 
  • The purses have measured from 84X80X25 MM to 190X90X30 MM. 
  • The lightest purse weighs 70 grams, and the heaviest has 150 grams. 
  • They are perfect for teenagers, adults and Potterheads


Disney Characters

Disney is the largest family entertainment company in the world, that is because it exists since 1923 and has bought several chains today with very famous movies and characters. Cerdá Group has in its collection purses with designs of popular Disney characters, and that reminds them of all their films. Its main features are:

  • The main designs they offer are from Stitch, Mickey, Minnie, and The Lion King.
  • They have measured from 90X90X25 MM to 150X110X25 MM.
  • The lightest purse weighs 70 grams, and the heaviest has 183 grams.
  • There are designs for all ages, for elementary school, college or even for working!


purse collec


Cerdá Group thought of DC Comics fans, creating purses with the design of a hero who is loved by many, lives in a Gotham City, is the city's justice, and his name is Bruce. Yes, Batman is in this collection, and the main characteristics of the purse with this design are:

  • It is a purse business Card Holder, perfect for any appointment, and have a simple purse.
  •  It measures 190X100X25 MM 
  • It only weighs 230 grams 
  • You can save up to 0.00073 cubic millimeters.


In Cerdá Group we are always aware of the new trends and needs of the market. Therefore, we have created this purse collection with which you will increase sales and meet the needs of your customers. 

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Products and Novelties


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