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Youtube for your e-commerce, create your strategy!

17 December 2019 / per Cerdá Group

YouTube: the most valued social networks

Youtube is one of the main social networks that are used in the world with a high potential that you should not lose sight of when creating an online strategy for your e-commerce. In general, it is the website where videos of all kinds are shared, from movie trailers, music videos, video blogs, television programs ... etc.

It is considered a social network because as a user you can register and create a profile or channel to share videos, which can be viewed by other users. Also, when you have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to others; share videos; put "like"; make comments and respond to those who comment on your videos.

YouTube is among the most valued social networks and is used by 69% of users. As for the activities that are carried out on the networks, secondly, with 56%, it is placed to watch videos and listen to music, and Internet users do it through YouTube and Spotify, in addition, 28% follow influencers through YouTube. This network is visited, above all, through the computer, 57%, and on the tablet, 60%.

It is the “most transversal social network between ‘Millennials’, 74%, and ‘Generation Z’, 75%, the latter use it in second place after Instagram to follow influencers. The figures demonstrate the impact that YouTube has among social network users, a fact that will guide you when selecting it within your strategy.


Why use YouTube in your e-commerce strategy?

YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 and is the second most powerful search engine in the world. Cisco Systems has developed the guide 'Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2016-2021' in which it is highlighted that Internet video traffic will grow four times between 2016 and 2021. In addition, “live video on the Internet will represent 13% of Internet video traffic by 2021 ”and will grow 15 times between 2016 and 2021.

In 2020 the video will represent 86% of total traffic and each individual will need 5 million years to view the videos that have been generated per month in 2021. A very relevant fact to keep in mind is that when a user visits a web page there is a 64% probability that he will buy a product if he has seen a video before.

When you create videos and share them on your YouTube channel you will get traffic and e-commerce positioning, because they are very easy to share and become viral. In addition, through quality content you will be creating brand value and you can show all your products so that potential customers know you. They are very important actions within your strategy that will help you increase sales.




How to create a YouTube strategy for your e-commerce

Create a YouTube Channel

In order to have your own YouTube channel you need to have a Google account or gmail that will allow you to log in. From there you can customize your profile with the company logo, a header image and a small description. Before filling out these sections, it is important to think carefully about what you are going to put because it is what will identify you, it will be your business card so that you know your brand. Then you must verify the channel to optimize it and change the URL that YouTube offers you, for one that best identifies your e-commerce, that is, that bears the name of the company.

On the website of your e-commerce you must put a YouTube widget to facilitate access to your videos and create traffic.

Enter valuable content in videos

Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram reward live content and favor SEO and positioning. It is necessary that you take care of the videos you publish and the content must be of quality because it will define you as a brand, you will make your products known to attract customers and increase sales. We always advise you to surround yourself with professionals who will help you offer a quality image, with valuable content that represents your brand and your products. Among the types of videos that you can create in your e-commerce strategy you can choose according to your strategy between:

  • Tutorials or product demonstrations: in these videos you can show how a particular item is used, the functionalities it has and its characteristics, we refer to the materials, sizes, colors etc.
  • Corporate: in these videos you can show the values of the company, a strategy that will allow you to approach the potential client and humanize the brand.
  • Customer testimonials: customer experience with your products will give future customers a lot of confidence and will favor the purchase.
  • Ads: this format is very visual and a great tool to publicize your e-commerce.


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Optimize videos from your YouTube channel

YouTube is a great positioning tool because it is the second most important search engine in the world. In addition, it is the social network of videos and Google positions them above other results. Every time you publish a video on your YouTube channel you are favoring to attract traffic to your e-commerce. You must take good care of this point and optimize the positioning of your videos by following these steps:

  • Use the keywords that interest you most for that video and use them in the headline, description and tag.
  • Descriptions are very important because they are what robots read on YouTube to categorize videos.
  • Use tags that will include the video in the correct topic so that potential customers can find you.
  • Annotations increase traffic and visits because they give users more information about the video.
  • The thumbnails that are used to present the video must be representative of the content, in this way we help users want to view it.

Having a strategy on your YouTube Channel is very important because every time a user is watching a video of your brand you get more traffic and get search engine optimization so that it helps you make your e-commerce profitable. Previously it is important that you define the objectives you want to achieve, and create a strategy that is in line with that of the other social networks and that of your website. All together is what will make your e-commerce succeed.

In Cerdá, we use this strategy to increase traffic and visits. We can help you make your e-commerce grow. Follow us and discover more useful tips to improve your business. 


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