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Winter 24; the new collection is here

15 February 2024 / per Cerdá Group

We've been looking forward to introducing you to the new Winter 24 collection because.... it's full of new products! In this post we bring you up to date with everything new for the winter season, the latest in: textiles, home, accessories and footwear.

1. What's new in textiles
1.1 To the Olympics and beyond
1.2 Ugly Sweater day, the trend
1.3 3D applications and gaming experience
2. Nowhere like home
2.1 Pyjamas for the whole family
2.2 It's squishy, it's soft and you're going to want one . What is it?
3. Complements to combine
3.1 Hats
3.2 Pack of two
3.3 Two in one
4. Footwear; the must in your shop
4.1 Happy toes slippers
4.2 Light up every step
4.3 Train in footwear at your own pace and from wherever you like

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1. What's new in textiles!

Sweatshirts, baseball shirts, jumpers, t-shirts, dresses and much more. The new Winter 24 collection has arrived to include everything your customers need in your business.

1.1To the Olympics and beyond!

This 2024, baseball fashion is back with a bang, especially with the Olympics in Paris. At Cerdá Group, we join this trend by celebrating the sporting spirit with a unique collection of baseball t-shirts inspired by characters such as Avengers, Minnie, Wednesday and Nightmare Before Christmas.

CERDÁ  EMAILS (1127 x 1600 px) (55)
Our collection combines the sporty style of baseball with the fun of the characters of the moment. Made from high quality materials, these t-shirts are perfect for the comfy trend lovers as they can be worn for a comfortable, casual and very chic look.

1.2 Let's go for Ugly Sweater Day!

Once again this year we can't miss the exclusive Christmas designs with 100% popular characters: Grogu, Stitch, Spiderman, Sonic, Minnie and Mickey. Now your customers can share their passion for Christmas and join the #uglyjumperday thanks to our 100% licensed Christmas jumpers!

Cerdá ForFanPets Winter 21 - 034 20210613 _AB19464
Thanks to these unique and eye-catching designs, standing out from the competition during the holiday season will be much easier. If you still don't know what Ugly Sweater Day is and how it can help you to increase your business sales, you can't miss this blog post ⬇️

You're going to love it:
Increase your sales with the Ugly Sweater Day trend!

1.3 3D applications

3D applications in textile love the children's public. The clothes become a very fun and eye-catching product that gives a lot of personality to the outfits. That is why we have designed this Minnie dress that creates a play experience thanks to the fact that they can interact with their clothes in a fun and creative way.

CERDÁ  EMAILS (1127 x 1600 px) (45)

2. Nowhere like home

Take advantage of the growing demand for loungewear and increase your sales! With the increase in time spent at home, consumers are looking more than ever for cosy items such as pyjamas and cushions. Our collection offers a wide range of high quality and comfortable products, designed to turn any home into an oasis of relaxation.

2. 1 Pyjamas

Attract your customers with our selection of 100% licensed pyjamas, and ensure the success of your shop by meeting the current needs of the market. With a variety of popular characters such as Harry Potter, Mickey, Minnie and many more, as well as adult exclusive designs such as Cheshire and Stitch, we have something for everyone. This season, family style is back with pyjamas with designs that capture the essence of the characters that have shaped generations.

2900000192 + 2900000193 +   2900000194 +  2900000195 - 77 (3)

Take the opportunity to satisfy your customers' needs and increase your sales with our collection of pyjamas for the whole family. With products that sell quickly and a selection that appeals to a wide audience, we're sure our pyjamas will be a hit in your business - make your shelves sparkle with our irresistible pyjama options!

You're going to love:
Matching family clothes: Shared passions

2.2 Cushions

In recent years, we have seen a marked increase in demand for cushions, making them a must-have item for the home. With their versatility and ability to transform any space, cushions have become a highly sought-after decorative element for consumers.

CERDÁ  EMAILS (1127 x 1600 px) (18) (1)

Raise the appeal of your stock with these Barbie and Bluey cushions, two of the trendiest characters. Thanks to the combination of shapes and 3D elements, it's an eye-catching product that's perfect for cross-selling your business.

✔️ By offering cushions of these characters, you will attract customers who have an emotional connection to them.
✔️ You will see your sales increase thanks to the recognition of Barbie and Bluey.
✔️ You will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors by including a new type of product in your shop. 

3. Complements

3.1 Hats
With 3d elements, with positional, with new materials... this season the hats have arrived to become a TOP seller:

-3D elements: Designs with 3D elements are perfect for attracting the attention of your customers. They make the character's ears stand out, generating a product that defies two dimensions. They are ideal to conquer the youngest customers, we have created a product that goes beyond the conventional, fusing quality and creativity to offer a unique item.

-New materials: Soft is in! And these Wish, Barbie and Stitch hats will become a great ally for your shop to increase sales.

CERDÁ  EMAILS (1127 x 1600 px) (46)

-Positional: These hats are very eye-catching and thanks to that they are a hit with the children's audience. Children love to wear their favourite characters, from Minnie, The Lion King, Spidey to Gabby's DollHouse, so make the most of the potential of these characters!

3.2 Pack of two
Renew your stocking with this beanie and scarf set! Designed with a printed textile patch, embroidered and jacquard design, these sets are the perfect combination of style and functionality for the winter season. We have developed designs with new licenses such as Barbie and Wednesday allowing you to keep your shop on trend and add a touch of fashion and diversity to your business with our beanie and scarf sets!

CERDÁ  EMAILS (1127 x 1600 px) (47)

3.3 Two in one
Imagine incorporating this hat and mitten set into your business! With embroidered details and a button to hold the mitten, this type of product has become a very popular item among teenagers in recent years thanks to its great versatility: they can use their mobile phone while keeping their hands warm, a very teen trend with top-level characters like Wednesday, Stitch or Barbie as protagonists!

CERDÁ  EMAILS (1127 x 1600 px) (54)


4. Footwear; the must in your shop

Prepare your shop for a successful winter season with our 100% licensed footwear, a must-have for your business. At Cerdá, we have developed a wide range of options that are sure to captivate your customers. From sneakers with and without lights to wellies and slippers, our collection includes the TOP characters of the moment.

4.1 Anatomy-friendly shoes

Choosing the right footwear is crucial for the healthy development of children's feet. At Cerdá, we understand the importance of offering shoes that respect the anatomy of the foot, especially during the first years of life, when they are constantly growing. Our line of footwear guarantees a comfortable fit and adequate support for every adventure of your youngest customers. We prioritise maximum comfort and good development so that little ones can enjoy every step with confidence.

4.2. The latest in footwear for your shop

Basketball style trainers are on trend and here to stay. That's why we've designed these sneakers with light-up soles, to give your customers an extra touch of style and fun. Don't miss the opportunity to offer the most innovative and eye-catching in your shop, make your shop shine this season with the latest in footwear!


✅ Velcro and lace-up closure
✅PU toe cap and heel counter for extra reinforcement
✅ PVC sole with flashing LED light

4.3 Let's train!

At SuperMoments Retail Lab, we have witnessed the growing demand for footwear in the market. That is why we have prepared this training in micro-learning format, led by Sandra Ruiz, assistant manager of SuperMoments.



You will learn all about shoe types, sizes and the most important technical features. Don't miss this opportunity to keep up to date and stand out in the competitive world of retail!

We hope you loved the new Winter 24 collection - remember, you're just one click away from discovering the products that will take your shop to the next level this winter season! ⬇️

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Products and Novelties Winter Newsletteren


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