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Increase your sales with the Ugly Sweater trend!

29 November 2023 / per Cerdá Group

December is a month of traditions and for the last few years Ugly Sweater Day has been celebrated. Don't you know it yet? Your customers do! In this post we tell you everything you need to know about one of the funniest days of the year and why you should join the celebration.

    1. A fun-filled day
    2. Join the trend
    3. Jumpers for everyone
    4. The perfect combination

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1. A fun-filled day

Ugly Sweater Day is a day when people dress up in ugly, quirky or gaudy jumpers. Its origin is linked to American culture and its fascination with Christmas garments 🎅🎄The fashion of wearing peculiar jumpers during the Christmas season has been around for decades, but this date has only recently become more popular.

It is believed that the tradition started as a sort of joke among friends, where everyone would try to wear the ugliest jumper they could find. Over time, this idea has gained momentum and has become a wider trend, leading to events and celebrations in schools, workplaces and among friends.

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The popularity of Ugly Sweater Day has grown, with people buying or even creating their own jumpers adorned with festive elements, such as reindeer, Christmas trees or Christmas motifs. The idea is to embrace the quirkiness and fun of the holiday season.

2. Join the trend!

As we have already told you, this day is gaining more and more followers around the world, becoming an expected date to wear original jumpers. Numerous brands have adopted this trendy action, and you too can take advantage of this occasion to increase your sales.
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Imagine offering your customers the chance to participate in Ugly Sweater Day with jumpers featuring beloved characters such as Mickey, Minnie, The Mandalorian, Harry Potter and  Stitch, These jumpers are not only fun, but also officially licensed, guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of the designs. By adding these jumpers to your catalogue, you are offering your customers the chance to join in an increasingly popular celebration.

The diversity of iconic characters on these jumpers offers options for all tastes, appealing to a wide range of customers. This is an ideal occasion to boost your sales, capitalising on the excitement and fun surrounding Ugly Sweater Day.

3. Jumpers for everyone

Did you know that in Spain there are already more dogs than children under the age of 15? Nowadays, family structures go beyond the traditional model. For example, pets have become the new children of millennials.

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At Cerdá, we evolve along with the changes in society and the demands of your customers. That is why we have created new products, such as our complete For Fan Pets line, to adapt to new needs.

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Within this collection, you will find Christmas jumpers ideal for you to offer your customers this very current trend in a highly innovative sector such as pets.

4. The perfect combination

Christmas is the season of sales. But they can go even better if you manage to increase cross-selling. How can you do it? By incorporating jumpers and socks of the hottest characters of the moment into your business. They are the perfect combination! Do you know why?

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1. Firstly, by offering these products, you give your customers the opportunity to create complete looks - how about a Nightmare Before Christmas jumper and Nightmare Before Christmas socks? It's an irresistible combination that will appeal to any fan! This possibility to have complete outfits gives your customers a more attractive and complete shopping experience.

2. In addition, by adding these products to your inventory, you will increase your shop's average ticket. Customers looking for a jumper will probably be inclined to buy the matching socks, which will increase the value of their purchase. Not only does this strategy benefit your customers by offering them more choice, but it is also an opportunity to increase your sales.

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3. And let's not forget that the jumper plus socks combination makes a perfect holiday gift. Offering jumper and sock sets featuring popular characters during the holiday season can appeal to those looking for unique gifts. These types of products are great options for gift giving, which can further increase sales during this festive season.

What are you waiting for to join Ugly Sweater Day? With our iconic character jumpers, offer your customers the opportunity to be part of this day while increasing the appeal of your offer.

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